10 Winter Pool Care Tips from The Pros

10 Winter Pool Care Tips from The Pros

10 Winter Pool Care Tips | Glendale AZ Pink Dolphin Pool Care

When winter rolls around, your pool takes the backseat and is forgotten about. It doesn’t get a lot of use during the winter and many people think that, because it’s not in use, the pool doesn’t require maintenance or care. That is not the case. Keep these 10 winter pool care tips from the pros in mind when covering up your pool for the winter:

1.       Keep Water Pure

Despite the cold weather, microorganism reproduction still happens in the water. Adding in a winterizing product with biocidal properties will help resist the growth of microorganisms.

2.       Algaecide Addition

Adding in long-lasting algaecide to your pool before closing up can help prevent the growth of bacteria. Preventing bacteria growth will help keep your pool clean come springtime.

3.       Chlorine Addition

Adding chlorine to a pool before winter closing is always a good idea, but a common mistake people make is by adding too much. They think that the more chlorine added will last a longer time. That is not true. All it will do is bleach your pool lining.

4.       Freezing Beware

If your pool pipes or equipment freeze, they can possibly become damaged and need replacing. To avoid this, drain the water from the pool about 6 inches below the skimmer so water doesn’t get into the pipes and equipment.

5.       Clean Cover

Your pool cover is designed to keep debris out of your pool during the winter. It is important to periodically remove the debris. This avoids a large amount of debris to accumulate when the time comes to remove the cover.

6.       Watch the Weather

A mesh cover is common for pools, but if rain is prevalent, it may dilute the chlorine and algaecide that will need to be replenished before the winter really hits.

7.       Enzyme Chemical Use

Non-organic contamination such as pollen can slip under the cover and enter the pool. Enzyme chemicals can be poured into the pool prior to covering it to help breakdown non-organic contaminators.

8.       Air Pillow Use

To help keep debris off the cover, an air pillow can be placed in the middle which raises it so the debris falls off to the sides.

9.       Check-ups

The best thing to do is regularly check your pool cover and make sure the debris is cleared and there are no tears allowing things to get inside the pool.

10.   Open Early

You don’t need to wait for summer to be in full swing to open your pool, especially if you can handle cool water. The warmer the water gets under the cover, the easier it is for algae and bacteria to grow.

Pro Pool Care

If you need help taking care of your pool during the winter, Pink Dolphin Pool Care can help you cover and maintain your pool. Call us today at (602) 688-7465.


Winterizing Your Pool

Winterizing Your Pool

The leaves are falling (sometimes into your pool), pumpkin spice is everywhere and football has taken over the TV – fall has arrived! While that means lower temperatures and crisp evenings out on the patio, it sadly means that pool season is dying down (unless you have a heated pool). Although Arizona temperatures are mild year-round, it’s still a good idea to take the steps to winterize your pool for the off- season. Here’s our Pink Dolphin Pool Care recommended tips for winterizing your pool.

Down the Drain

When will you use your pool again? This is an important question to ask before you start the winterization process, as how often you use the pool in the off-season or how early you plan to dive back in will determine how you winterize. The first option is to drain the pool so that you are essentially starting from scratch when the time is right. This is much less work in the winter months, but it’s more time consuming when the temperatures start to go up again. It will take several days to get your pool swim-ready.

Cover it Up

The other option is to cover the pool. This is a sort of happy medium between draining and keeping up maintenance. Covering the pool means less regular maintenance and less debris to clean up after. However pool covers can present a hazard to children and pets. Covers may look like solid surfaces and your little ones may try to walk on them. This could lead to devastating accidents. We always recommend pool gates and alarms, especially with pool covers.

Keep Up the Routine

If you choose not to drain your pool, it’s essential to keep up with regular maintenance. The pH balance can change more frequently with lower outside temperatures, and the pool needs to be balanced for the chlorine to work properly. This is a prime time for maintenance to start slacking and algae to start moving in. Keep up the pool brushing, skimming and vacuuming, as well. Test the water regularly and shock when necessary. When the swimming season rolls around you’ll be happy you kept up!

Check and Test

The winter is a great time to check and test all of your pool equipment, in addition to the water. Run the pump and check the pipes for connections and leaks. If you keep your pool full and the pump running throughout the winter, you may have to cover or insulate the pipes if the temperature dips below freezing (32 degree Fahrenheit) for an extended period of time. Test the gate components, including latches and locks. Does anything need to be repaired or replaced before the spring? If you have a pool alarm, be sure to check that, too and replace any batteries.

Let the Pros Handle It

When in doubt, call Pink Dolphin Pool Care to help you winterize your pool or maintain it through the off-season. Not only can we help you keep up on the maintenance or drain the pool if you choose, but we can also go through and check all the equipment, service anything that needs it, and replace any faulty parts. The Arizona summer sun can do a number on pool equipment, so it’s important to check it even when the temps are low to make sure you’re prepared for the next season.

Call (602) 688-7465 today to get started!

When to Get a Pool Maintenance Service

When to Get a Pool Maintenance Service

Owning a swimming pool is fun while at the same time it can be very demanding. This is because what it takes to keep a pool in superb condition for everyday use, specifically during the summer months. Even if your pool is located in an enclosure, it will need special care. At Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we offer a pool maintenance service that focuses on keeping the condition of your pool at its best.

When to Get a Pool Maintenance Service | Pink Dolphin Pool Care

We are located in Glendale, Arizona and we have been providing our service to Northwest Valley homeowners for years. Our weekly swimming pool maintenance service covers all aspects, from pump operations to water conditions, filter cleaning and pool repair. We focus on keeping your pool fun and healthy for your whole family. We offer very competitive rates and have a long history of high customer satisfaction. Every visit, we ensure that your pool is chemically balanced and safe to use through our extensive inspection processes.

Our customers can relax and feel safe and secure in knowing that their pools are clean and safe from strange things that can grow in a dirty pool. We keep the water’s pH balanced and ensure that the chlorine levels are correct by testing the water a every visit we make. Our family owned and operated business gladly extends our weekly pool cleaning service to the following areas:

Pink Dolphin Pool Care of Glendale, Arizona currently offers weekly pool service in the following zip codes: 85083, 85308, 85310, 85373, 85381, 85382 & 85383.

If you have a new or old pool, give us a call and we will set up a pool maintenance service program that fits your needs.

Call us today at 602-688-7465 and you’ll be glad you did.

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