Pool Filter Repair

Pool Filter Repair

Pool Filter Repair Glendale AZ | Phoenix Pool Service

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The filter is an essential piece of equipment within the symphony of gears and parts that keeps your pool running smoothly and safely. Keeping the filter clean and in tip top shape is also important to the entire pool process.

When working properly, the pool filter removes waste, contaminants, debris, dirt and even algae. This keeps the water crystal clear and prevents bacteria or other harmful growths from clinging to your pool. So when your filter is dirty or in need of repair, it can spell disaster for the rest of your pool and your swimmers.

Inspect and Repair

If you suspect your pool filter is not operating properly, the first step is to call Pink Dolphin Pool Care for an inspection. A pool technician will clean and inspect the filter to see what the problem might be. Most filters are Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) cartridge filters, though filters can come in a variety of sizes and types. The technician will rinse off the cartridge elements to see if anything is clogging the filter, then reassemble and check each part to troubleshoot the issue.

While we are quite capable of inspecting and repairing pool filters, and sometimes they are just faulty and need repair or replacement, it’s always most efficient to stick to a consistent pool filter cleaning schedule. Filters should be cleaned every six months to keep the filter healthy and the pool clean.

Do you suspect your pool filter needs a deep cleaning, inspection or repair? Call Pink Dolphin Pool Cleaning at (602) 688-7465. In addition to pool filter repair, we also offer weekly pool cleaning, acid washing, equipment installation, pool equipment repair, and pool draining. Pink Dolphin is a full-service pool care company specializing in the West Valley, ready to help keep your pool clean and clear.

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