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Homeowners in Phoenix can rest a little easier when it comes to pool maintenance and pool cleaning because Pink Dolphin Pool Care is here to help. We are a family-owned and operated business that is a registered contractor with the state and a member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. We are also fully insured and bonded. We provide superior service at an affordable rate. Many homeowners call on us throughout the year to help take care of the pool.

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What We Do:

Owning a swimming pool in the Phoenix area is a great way to beat the heat and stay cool through the warmer months. We have one of the longest swimming seasons anywhere in the US, so our pools tend to get a lot of use too. The downside of having a pool, however, is all the work it can take to keep it clean and running smoothly. That’s where we here at Pink Dolphin Pool Care come in.

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We take the hassle out of owning a swimming pool. Our qualified pool service specialists can install, repair, and inspect virtually every aspect of your swimming pool needs. Whether it’s a pool that has failed to get the attention it needs for some time and it needs an acid wash or you need someone to help make sure it stays clean and the chlorine levels are accurate, we can help. If you need to know what swimming pool pump to install or have it installed, we can help there too.

We Provide Swimming Pool Services in the NW Valley including:

If you need pool repair, pool equipment installed, pool cleaning, or any other swimming pool services, count on Pink Dolphin Pool Care.


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