Pool Heater Installation and Repair in Glendale

Pool Heater Installation and Repair in Glendale

Having a swimming pool is the perfect way to stay cool in the summer, especially in Arizona. For swimming enthusiasts, it’s hard to pack everything up and close the pool. What about the winter when you want to have a nice swim and it’s too cold? Well the solution is simple: a pool heater!

warm swimming pool with tiled outside after a pool heater repair Glendale, AZ

Having a pool heater is an excellent way to extend your summer fun throughout the whole year. If you already have a pool heater and need it repaired, or you need a new one installed, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is your premiere choice for affordable and professional pool care services.

Heater Installation

Installing a pool heater can be tricky if you’re trying to do it on your own because there’s multiple variables you need to get right: the size of your pool heater and how you should power it. The type of pool heater you have also impacts repair and installation.

Types of pool heaters include:

  • Gas pool heaters are the most common type of pool heater and work quickly.
  • Heat pump and electric pool heaters are commonly used in small pools or spas.
  • Solar swimming pool heaters are a great environmentally conscious option.

The experts at Pink Dolphin will inspect your pool to determine what size pool heater you need and how you should power your heater. We want to help you choose a heater that functions best for your purposes. Smaller spa-like pools have different requirements than a traditional pool. Depending on what kind of year-long fish you are determines what kind of heater you will need.

Benefits of a pool heater include those for swimming, exercise, therapy and relaxation. Normally, a temperature of 78 degrees would get most people in the pool swimming. However, a pool heater would also benefit those who are going for more therapeutic routines where higher temperatures would increase effectiveness.

While some DIY projects may seem simple enough, simple errors can cause major problems that won’t allow you to get the year-long use out of the pool you’ve been wanting. If you get a pool heater too small for your pool, you won’t feel the effects and it will ultimately be rendered useless. On the other hand, if you get a pool heater too big, you will be paying for a heating capacity you will never reach or use.  Avoid complications like that by hiring a family-owned pool care service company: Pink Dolphin.

Heater Repair

a pool heater close up

Here at Pink Dolphin, we also repair pool heaters if you already have one. Swimming year-round means your pool is in constant use. This increases the risk for issues in the future, but some pool water heater problems require simple troubleshooting.

You may need to troubleshoot your pool’s water heater if it:

  • Does not turn on.
  • Has inadequate heating.
  • Is noisy.

Common pool heater problems can be caused by a variety of things. A water heater that needs repair may be caused by overuse, but also dirty filters, faulty pressure switches, valves and wiring. Other times, like if your water heater is turning on and off in cycles, it’s checking your pool’s chemistry and ensuring it is properly balanced. It’s possible to get 10 or 12 years out of your pool heater if you properly maintain it. Less reliable brands may only last 3 or 4 years. No matter what, you should schedule a maintenance inspection for your pool heater once a year.

Being aware of your pool’s temperature by using a thermostat will prevent you from overheating your pool. Pool usage and energy consumption will dictate how often you heat your pool, as well as your personal preferences. But if your pool heater breaks down, that interrupts your routine. Not only that, but it poses a safety hazard if you try to fix it on your own. A DIY repair may seem like a quick solution, but it’s not the safest one. Electrical components are being worked with near water and the first thing you should be concerned about is safety!

Pool Equipment Repair Specialist

The sooner you call in the experts for repair, the safer everyone is. Immediate attention should be brought to your broken pool heater, but you don’t have to worry! Our pool equipment repair experts know exactly how to get your pool routine back on track. For all your pool heater needs, be it a simple repair or a big installation, Pink Dolphin Pool Care wants you to be happy. If you live in Glendale and need a pool heater repaired or installed, call us today at 602-688-7465.

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