Pool Heater Repair & Installation

Pool Heater Repair & Installation

Having a swimming pool is the perfect way to stay cool in the summer, especially in Arizona. For swimming enthusiasts, it’s hard to pack everything up and close the pool at the end of the summer. But what about the winter when you want to have a nice swim and it’s too cold? Well the solution is simple: a pool heater! Having a pool heater is an excellent way to extend your summer fun throughout the whole year. If you already have a pool heater and need it repaired, or you need a new one installed, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is your premiere choice for affordable and professional pool care services.

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Pool Heater Installation

Installing a pool heater can be tricky if you’re trying to do it on your own. To make sure you get the best installation possible, trust the experts at Pink Dolphin. We will inspect your pool to determine what size pool heater you need and how you should power your heater. If you get a pool heater too small for your pool, you won’t feel the effects and it will ultimately be rendered useless. On the other hand, if you get a pool heater too big, you will be paying for a heating capacity you will never reach or use. Avoid complications like that by hiring a family-owned pool care service company: Pink Dolphin.

Pool Heater Repair

Here at Pink Dolphin, we also repair pool heaters if you already have one. If you are a fish and love to swim year-round, your pool is an essential part of your life and the heater is in constant use. If it breaks down, that interrupts your routine. Don’t worry! Our pool equipment repair experts know exactly how to get your life back on track. Immediate attention should be brought to your broken pool heater. Electrical components are being worked with near water and the first thing you should be concerned about is safety! The sooner you call in the experts for repair, the safer everyone is.

For all your pool heater needs, be it a simple repair or a big installation, Pink Dolphin Pool Care wants you to be happy. If you live in the Northwest Valley and need a pool heater repaired or installed, call us today at 602-688-7465.

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