The Purpose of a Chlorine Wash

The Purpose of a Chlorine Wash

The purpose of this process is to clean the walls of the pool that has been neglected or ignored for any reason. It is also a good part of pool maintenance procedures. The chlorine kills any bacteria that may try to grow in a pool system. This is why chlorine is added to the water in certain concentration levels. When it is added, it breaks down into different chemicals, two of which are hypochlorite ion, (OCI), and hypochlorous acid, (HOCI). These are what attack the bacteria by destroying the lipids within the bacteria cells, rendering them inert and harmless.

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Performing a pH level test indicates the level and the presence of these two chemicals. The importance in the process of killing the bacteria is, it is an oxidation process where one chemical HOCI works within seconds while the other, OCI, takes up to 30 minutes to effectively, destroy any bacteria through the chemical oxidation. When testing the levels a median reading should give an indication between 7 & 8 around 7.5. Because the sunlight increases the cleaning process of these chemicals they break down into other compounds or into single atoms rendering them harmless to humans.

While high levels of chlorine are hazardous, this points to the importance and reason to maintain an acceptable pH level, although there are alternatives, they do not clean as well as chlorine. Pink Dolphin Pool Care is a family owned and operated business located in Glendale, Arizona, and we gladly extend our service to the following areas;

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