Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool filter cleaning can be a tricky task. The contaminants that are found in the pool are very difficult to remove with a standard hose cleaning. Even worse, these contaminants may have to be removed with a chemical solution like TSP.

Pool Filter Cleaning Peoria, AZ

But don’t worry! With our easy maintenance schedule, Pink Dolphin Pool Care’s weekly pool services will make sure your pool pressure is down and well maintained. Cleaning the water and keeping up the chemistry is our specialty.

The Importance of Clean Water

Regular filtering of water in a pool is essential to the health of those utilizing the pool. Unfiltered pool water may look cloudy. Depending on the state of your filter, it may be so dirty that it is making the water dirty, or it is unable to filter new dirt from the water.

If the filter has gotten dirty and clogged, there may be a noticeable lack of water flowing into your pool.

The clearest indication that a pool filter needs to be cleaned is rising pressure. If the pressure gauge on the filter goes above 8 PSI from what it generally runs at, it’s time to clean your filter and bring the pressure back to normal.

With our comprehensive cleaning practices, you will not have to worry about unfiltered water in your pool this season.

Requirements for Different Types of Filters

Some Pink Dolphin Pool Care filter cleaning services feature a full disassembling of all grids and internal filters, cleaning all internals and tank, removing calcium buildup on the grids, lubricating the backwash valve, and all inner o-rings, inspecting all grids and manifold, resealing the tank, recharging the filter and testing for proper filtration.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Whether you have a cartridge filter, sand filter, or diatomaceous earth filter, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is experienced at getting these clear. Some of the steps for each include:

Cartridge: For filter cleaning in cartridge filters, the filter will need to be removed. These are then sprayed down with fresh water. Your service will use a gentle spray to remove any debris between the crevices of a cartridge.

A cleansing product may need to be applied to the surface of the filter cartridge or as a soaker.

Once the filter cartridge is clean and replaced in the filter your service will verify the working order on adjacent items, including the o-ring. If everything looks set, the system can be restarted with a clean filter cartridge.

Some signs that it’s time to completely replace the filter cartridge would be the materials softening or cracking. If this occurs, the cartridge is likely no longer filtering properly, so replace it with a fresh cartridge as soon as possible.

Sand: If you have a sand filter, your pool services should schedule to come to a couple of times a year to backwash the system with a cleaning product. With a backwash hose, water is pumped through the filter to clear out any deposits. Adding a cleaning product to the skimmer can assist in this process.

It should only take a few minutes to clean out a sand filter. Repeat the process every six months to ensure clear water and top-notch functioning of your sand filter.

Diatomaceous Earth: An alternative pool filter option is diatomaceous earth as a filtering medium. This crushed, powdery rock is used similarly to sand in a filter. Therefore, it requires regular backwashing like sand, a couple of times a year.

Backwashing should take less than 10 minutes. After backwashing, the filter tank can be removed and washed with a hose. This tank should be emptied, ridding it of the used diatomaceous earth and any dirt that was collected.

Attention should be paid to cleaning out all crevices and grids. No dirt should be present once the hosing is complete.

If there is still dirt present, a cleaner can be used. This should remove any final dirt and return the tank to usable condition.

Diatomaceous earth is replaced and mixed with water. The filter tank is then placed back in the filter system and all valves are set up and running again.

Why You Need Pool Filter Cleaning

Whatever type of filter you have, Pink Dolphin Pool Care has the tools and experience to help you maintain it. We can regularly schedule filter cleanings and bring the supplies needed to keep your cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth filter running your pool water smoothly.

Once your pool is ready and in full effect for the spring season, your pride and joy will need some weekly love and care. Don’t trust just any pool service to work on your pool – let the premier Glendale pool service professionals take care of your pool for weeks to come.

Family-owned and operated Pink Dolphin Pool Care takes pride in its excellent customer service and sparkling pools. Our services include top-of-the-line pool repair, pool inspections, weekly maintenance, and many other services, including pool filter cleaning!

Don’t neglect your pool filter! Call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-1465 or simply fill out the online form. This will be a pool decision that you won’t regret!

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