Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool Filter Cleaning

Once your pool is ready and in full effect for the spring season, your pride and joy will need some weekly love and care. Don’t trust just any pool service to work on your pool – let the premier Glendale pool service professionals take care of your pool for weeks to come. Family owned and operated Pink Dolphin Pool Care takes pride in its excellent customer service and sparkling pools. Our services include top of the line pool repair, pool inspections, weekly maintenance and many other services, including pool filter cleaning!

Clean Filter – Clean Pool

Pool Filter Cleaning Glendale AZ | Pink Dolphin Pool CarePool filter cleaning can be a tricky task. The contaminates that are found in the pool are very difficult to remove with a standard hose cleaning. Even worse, these contaminants may have to be removed with a chemical solution like TSP.  But don’t worry! With our easy maintenance schedule, Pink Dolphin Pool Care weekly pool services will make sure your pool pressure is down and well maintained. Cleaning the water and keeping up the chemistry is our specialty.

Some of Pink Dolphin Pool Care filter cleaning services feature a full disassembling of all grids and internal filters, cleaning all internals and tank, removing calcium buildup on the grids, lubricating backwash valve and all inner o-rings, inspecting all grids and manifold, resealing the tank, recharging the filter, and testing for proper filtration.

Don’t neglect your pool filter! Call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-1465 or simply fill out the online form. This will be a pool decision that you won’t regret!

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