Glendale Pool Plumbing Leaks

Pool Plumbing Leaks

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as looking forward to coming home from a long, hot day and taking a dip in your own backward oasis swimming pool. And nothing can stop that enjoyment in its tracks like swimming pool malfunctions, particularly plumbing leaks. But how do you check for a Glendale Pool Plumbing Leaks | Pink Dolphin Pool Careplumbing leak, and how do you fix it? Pink Dolphin Pool Care is an expert in Glendale pool plumbing leaks, helping you repair and resume relaxation as quickly as possible.

Leak or Nature?

When your in-ground swimming pool contains 20,000 gallons of water or more (the average swimming pool size), it can be hard to detect when you have a leak, especially a small one. Locating the source of the leak can be even more difficult. So how do you determine if you have a leak? Contrary to instinct and popular belief, losing pool water does not always indicate a leak. Evaporation, especially in the Arizona heat, can account for a large amount of water loss. To rule out evaporation, you can fill a bucket with water and mark the water level in the bucket and in the pool. Set the bucket next to the pool and compare water levels 24-hours later. If the pool level is significant lower than the bucket level, it could be a leak.

Where is the Leak Coming From?

In many cases, the source of the leak is from the above ground plumbing system. If you determine you have a leak, check when you are losing the most water. If it is when the pump is circulating water, it could be a leak in the pressure side of the pump system. When the pump is pressurized, you could see a variety of leaks, from a small trickle to a high-pressure spray at any point in the downstream plumbing fittings. If you appear to be losing more water when the pump is not running, you could have leaks at the fittings or vales in the plumbing system.

Do you notice a constant loss of water no matter if the pump is running or not? Unfortunately, this could indicate the hardest leak to deal with, a leak in the pool shell or surface. Before we jump to that conclusion, check to see if the water only leaks to a certain point, then stops. Sometimes water only leaks until it reaches something like a light fixture or skimmer box, so that that’s a good place to check first for water tightness and necessary repairs. Despite what type of pool leak you may have, inspection and repair of your Glendale pool plumbing leaks is best left to the professionals like Pink Dolphin Pool Care, especially when dealing with plumbing connections and electrical interaction.

Pink Dolphin Stops Plumbing Leaks

If you suspect you have a pool plumbing leak, or your pool pump is not working as it should, call Pink Dolphin Pool Care. We’re trained to detect all pool problems, from plumbing leaks and broken filters to surface cracks and unbalanced water. Not only do we offer repair services and can help you purchase new and replacement equipment, but we also offer maintenance plans to keep your pool swim-ready year-round.

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