Arizona Pool Pump Law-Title 44

If you are an Arizona homeowner with a swimming pool you’ll want to be aware that the Arizona Legislature passed Title 44 on January 1, 2012. This new law mandates new energy-efficiency standards for residential swimming pool pumps and motors.

The Arizona law doesn’t mean you have to  change your in-ground pool motor right away, but it does require any newly installed pumps that are one horsepower or greater to meet the new standards. Two speed motors will be the minimum efficiency for pool pump installations moving forward, and non energy friendly single-speed pumps will no longer be allowed under Title 44.

If your swimming pool pump has only has one speed, it’s running full-blast, 3450 rpm even when your pool cleaner, waterfall or in-floor system aren’t operating. There is no option to dial back to a lower rpm to circulate the pool water which is what is needed a majority of the time.

This is a huge waste of energy, and it’s costing swimming pool owner about 80 percent more in electric bills than the owner should be paying.

While some critics of the new regulation complain that it will require Arizona homeowners to purchase expensive upgrades, most pool owners should recoup the cost within three years with the amount of money saved on their monthly APS or SRP electric bills.

Excluding your air conditioner, most residential single speed pool pumps consume more electricity than any other household appliance. Most Arizona swimming pool owners can expect to save between $40-$60 per month on their electric bill by replacing their single speed pool pump with a variable speed swimming pool pump. To learn more about variable speed swimming pool pumps, click on the link below:

Additional information about the Arizona law regulating pool pumps can be found in Title 44, Chapter 9, Article 19, Section 44-1375 of the Arizona Revised Statutes



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