Pool Timers Installation and Repair in Phoenix AZ

Pool Timers Installation and Repair in Phoenix AZ

Pool timers can be a great way to save not only money, but energy, as well. It’s a little contribution to the world of conserving energy, but every little bit counts. The money savings is an added bonus when pool timers are installed. Pool timers function as a way for you to control when your pool equipment turns on and off, and it is an important part of your daily pool life that many people overlook. Every Phoenix pool should have a timer and if you don’t, Pink Dolphin Pool Care are experts at pool timer’s installations. If you already have a pool timer, but need it repaired, we’re experts at repairing them too.

Pool Timers Installation & Repair Phoenix AZ | Pink Dolphin Pool Care

What to Do with Pool Timers

There are two common types of pool timers: electronic timer and intermatic pool timer, the clock-style timer. Either type works for all pools, it’s just a matter of your personal preference. The function of a pool timer is to turn on your pool-cleaning equipment, which can include filters and pumps. Another great feature that is available with pool timers is the freeze protection. Certain timers will turn off your pool equipment once the temperature outside reaches a certain degree. This helps prevent the freezing of pipes during the winter. With a pool timer, you can run your pool-cleaning equipment during the night as you sleep. Then, when you wake up, your pool is clean and the equipment won’t be in your way when you’re trying to enjoy your pool. If you like running your cleaning systems twice a day to stay on top of your cleaning, timers allow you to set that time for whenever you want. You can set it for the morning and have a nice afternoon swim, and then set again for overnight. Whenever you want your pool equipment running, your timer will do the work for you.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care is a family-owned business and we understand the necessity of having a clean pool. We are experts at installing or repairing pool timers and we work around your schedule. Call us today at (602) 688-7465 for your consultation on pool timers.

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