Cleaning Your Pool with a Pop Up In-Floor System

Cleaning Your Pool with a Pop Up In-Floor System

If you’re the minimalist sort who thinks less is more when it comes to keeping your pool clean, you’ll love the idea of a pop-up in-floor cleaning system. These are self-contained cleaning systems installed directly into the floor of your pool. No more hauling equipment out and cluttering your pool shed with different vacuum pieces.

Cleaning your Pool with a Pop Up In-Floor System

Plus, you can benefit from better water circulation and less energy use with one of these automated pop-up systems. This self-cleaning system can keep your pool as neat—if not neater—as your average vacuum system.

The Cleaning Process with a Pop-Up In-Floor System

The cleaning process with a pop-up in-floor system is simple and fast. You are hardly part of it, which is the attraction most people feel towards these automated systems. A pop-up in-floor pool system consists of the pop-up cleaning heads, a drain system, and occasionally a separate pump. It uses water that has just gone through the pool filter. This recently cleaned water gets pushed back into the pool through the pop-up system and is used to steer debris.

The secondary pump uses the pop-up heads to push the water around on the bottom of the pool. Working in tandem, the pop-up heads push leaves, dirt, and other debris across the floor of the pool in stages until it reaches the drain section. The pop-up heads stay on for less than a minute at a time. They have internal mechanisms to change direction, covering a wider range of the pool. Once the debris gets to the drain it is sucked away, leaving a clean pool behind.

Install a Pop-Up In-Floor System with Pink Dolphin Pool Care

Ready to have a pool with a pop-up in-floor pool system? Work with Pink Dolphin Pool Care to plan your pop-up cleaner installation. Generally, these are part of a new pool installation, but ask about whether or not your current pool is a candidate for a pop-up system addition.

If you’re considering a new pool installation, know that pop-up in-floor systems work with multiple types of pools including concrete, fiberglass, and even vinyl pools. Budget up to $10,000 for a self-cleaning pop-up system.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care Cleaning Options

If you already use Pink Dolphin Pool Care to keep your pool clean, take it to the next level with a pop-up in-floor cleaning system. While we know you love to see our employees every week for pool cleaning, you can have an automated, efficient system installed that keeps your pool clean on your own schedule.

At Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we want to make the best possible pool set-up for you. From heaters, lights, covers, and even automated cleaning systems, we’ve got you covered on installation, maintenance, and repairs. As a full-service pool company, we’d love to help you plan your new pool and cover all the luxuries like a pop-up in-floor system. Reach out at (602) 688-7465 today to learn more about your pop-up in-floor cleaning options.

September is the Best Month to Enjoy Your Phoenix Area Pool

September is the Best Month to Enjoy Your Phoenix Area Pool

As summer comes to an end you may be feeling like you have to say goodbye to your pool for the season too. But did you know September is the best month to enjoy your Phoenix area pool? With a trusted pool care company like Pink Dolphin on your side, you have the resources to keep your summer fun going. From great weather to peaceful days, now is the time to get your best pool soaks in.

September is the Best Month to Enjoy Your Phoenix Area Pool

The Sun Is Warm

In September the sun begins to move from blistering hot to an enjoyable warmth. No one wants to be out under the peak of the summer sun in Arizona, but as the season starts to wane now is the time to enjoy the warmth without the burn.

Get out there to catch some late afternoon rays in your pool in this early fall weather and scoop up the best of the warm days this year without feeling like you are melting.

Excellent Exercise

And speaking of not melting, the pool continues to provide a cool way to exercise outside. If you’re tired of working out in stuffy indoor settings but you’re still looking to be out of the heat, the pool is the perfect place to get your game on.

Lap swim in the fresh air with the water to keep you cool. Ask Pink Dolphin Pool Care about accessories–like lane buoys–that can help transform your pool into an off-season exercise locale.

The Kids Are Back at School

There’s a lot of fun to be had during the summer when your children are home. Camping in the yard, s’mores on the patio, fireworks on the 4th of July. But there’s something to be said for the peace and quiet of school starting up…especially when it comes to your pool.

Enjoy relaxing afternoons on your pool float with no splashes from cannonballs and no “Hey Mom, watch this!” feats from the diving board. It’s just you, your raft, and the sun. At least until the school bus pulls up.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care Makes September Perfect for Pools

Make the most of your September pool time when you work with Pink Dolphin Pool Care to keep your pool in great shape even in the shoulder season. Whether you need routine cleaning each week or repairs from a summer of hard play, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is a year-round company ready to serve you this September. Don’t let these beautiful days go to waste when there is still pool time to be had.

In fact, you may love being in your pool so much headed into the off-season that you decide you want to heat it for the winter. Pink Dolphin can help you with that too. There’s nothing quite like being able to keep up your lap swimming year-round with a pool heater that makes it feel like summer in your pool even in February.

Reach out to discuss maintenance, repairs, and even improvements to your pool this September by calling (602) 688-7465.

Top Safety Ideas for Securing Your Pool in Northwest Valley

Top Safety Ideas for Securing Your Pool in Northwest Valley

Securing your pool isn’t just a good idea, it’s probably required in the details of your homeowner’s insurance. While pools are a great recreational part of your yard, they also pose a safety risk for both children and pets on your property. Due to potential liability, your home insurance likely stipulates measures you must take to secure your pool.

Top Safety Ideas for Securing Your Pool in Northwest Valley

These measures will give you peace of mind as well. Feeling constantly anxious about your family’s safety around an unsecured pool can put a damper on summer fun. Instead, secure the pool so you can pay attention to more interesting things by using gates, security covers, and pool alarms.


When gating your pool you’ll need to satisfy some requirements that will keep it safe. For instance, many insurance companies require permanent fencing rather than temporary. The locking mechanism on the gate should be childproof, as this is the main aim of adding gates around the pool.

Pool gates do not have to be ugly, chain link fences. Instead, when you work with the right team, you can design a pool enclosure that complements your outdoor space and looks like it always belonged there. With a wide variety of fence options available that keep kids and pets from sneaking through, adding a gate to your pool can not only satisfy safety requirements but also enhance your property.

Security Covers

Security pool covers are tight, secure covers that are either strapped into place or automatically roll over the pool. These are sturdy covers designed to keep people and animals from falling into the pool. While they are not solid enough to purposefully walk across, they can prevent accidental falls.

They do the work of an ordinary pool cover as well, keeping leaves and dirt out of the pool when it’s not in use and protecting liners from unnecessary UV damage. When you invest in a security cover, you protect your family and your pool.

Pool Alarms

Your eyes can’t be on the pool—or your kids and pets—every second. When you’re out of range, set a pool alarm so you know if something ends up in the water that shouldn’t be there.

Pool alarms work by sensing movement in the water or changes in water pressure. An alarm sounds loud to alert you to the disturbance. You can also find pool alarms that send you a push notification on your phone to make sure you are aware of the movement in the pool.

Work with Pink Dolphin Pool Care to secure your pool. We can assist in planning for safety features around your pool and recommend products that will work with your model. Pool safety is our top priority, and that’s why we are ready to dive in and help with your security design.

We’re here to help make your pool the clean, comfortable, relaxing feature it is meant to be instead of a dangerous hazard. Call (602) 688-7465 with questions today or to schedule pool services.

Advantages of a Salt System for Your Pool

Advantages of a Salt System for Your Pool

If you’re installing a new pool or need to upgrade your sanitizing system, it might be time to consider a salt system for your pool. Salt systems are becoming more mainstream due to the many advantages that having a saltwater system imparts.

Advantages of a Salt System for Your Pool

Salt systems for pool sanitizing work differently than systems you add ready-made chlorine to. Instead, salt systems use a chlorine generator and electrolysis to create chemical reactions in the water. By adding salt to the water and employing electrolysis, the generator creates two chemicals that sanitize the water. Though these clean the same way as adding chlorine to a pool, there can be fewer negative effects from its use.

A variety of salts can be added to the pool to use for sanitation. The best option is to get mined salt as it is unlikely to be contaminated with anything that could hurt the pool. Salt that comes from seawater is another option but is likely to contain some contaminants.

You can get seawater salt as evaporated salt, where the water was allowed to evaporate and leave the salt behind, or mechanically separated salt that was processed by machinery. Both are likely to have some contamination and should be used with careful attention to the quality of your pool’s surfaces.

Could it be time for you to swap to a salt system for your pool sanitizing? Check out these advantages below:


For the types of shoppers who prefer to pay more upfront and less over time, salt systems for pools are attractive. That’s because you spend a little more on a chlorine generator upfront but don’t have the cost of paying for chlorine all the time.

Less Chlorine Exposure

While chlorine is safe for people to swim in regularly, some find themselves looking for an alternative to chlorine exposures. They may have had poor experiences with unbalanced pools in the past and noticed the effects of chlorine on their swimsuits, hair, and skin.

Saltwater systems are chemically similar to chlorine systems—they’re both working with salt at the base level, after all—but will not have the same effect on fabrics or skin.

Better Feel

A more nebulous perk of the salt system for your pool is the reported “soft” feeling of saltwater. This texture is noticeable to those who swim in chlorine-filtered pools and often considered desirable.

Pink Dolphin Salt System Services

At Pink Dolphin, we are very familiar with salt system repairs and installation. If you’d like to put in a new system, we are happy to come out and design a good setup for the plumbing, control panel, power supply, and more. We’ll spend time walking you through the new system so you can feel confident running something that varies compared to the chlorine-based filtration you are likely familiar with.

Ready to try something new when it comes to sanitizing your pool? Save money and enjoy your water more when you swap to a salt system. Call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-7465 to ask about our salt system options and schedule a time for us to come look at your pool.

Pool Party Ideas to Take Advantage of your Sparkling Clean Pool

Pool Party Ideas to Take Advantage of your Sparkling Clean Pool

There’s nothing quite like a pool party to get the summer started off right. For kids or adults, pool parties are a wonderful way to socialize while escaping the heat. At Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we’re happy to help you get ready for your pool party to usher in the new season.

Pool Party Ideas to Take Advantage of your Sparkling Clean Pool

Outrageous Inflatables

The pool float market has stepped up its game over the last few years developing outrageous inflatables. Want to get into a gigantic flamingo with 10 of your closest friends? You can, spending the afternoon floating together.

Blow up an 8-foot pineapple and get a good start on your tan during your pool float. These rafts are more fun than ever and make for great party photos to post online later.

Fun and Games

Floating toys provide some above-the-water activity for kids and adults alike. Check out inflatable basketball hoops or floating volleyball nets to add a little more action to your swim. Some healthy competition can get people in the water and enjoying themselves at your pool party in no time.

Diving toys are a great way to get kids active in the pool. These come in many different styles, from flat metal “pirate” coins to heavy sand-filled toys that sink quickly to the bottom.

Not only are they a fun game to play with friends, but they’re also a subtle way to get kids more comfortable going underwater, holding their breath, and looking around. Whether they learn to use goggles correctly or simply get comfortable with opening their eyes underwater, the seeking aspect of diving toys is important.

Extending the time kids can stay underwater safely holding their breath and problem-solving during their toy hunt can translate to real, life-saving skills.

Boozy Swim

A poolside or floating bar is a trendy option for an adult-focused pool party. Floating bars can be purchased online or at pool suppliers. Some look like large, inflatable tiki bars while others are simple floating platforms with drink holders. Whichever you opt for, no doubt your guests will get a kick out of the raft-to-raft cocktail delivery.

Mix it up with a floating pong table to bring a challenge to your boozy swim. A little wager on a game of pong makes your midnight swim more fun.

Of course, always drink responsibly, especially around open water like the pool.

Outdoor Movie Screen

As technology gets smarter and smaller, it’s easier than ever to watch movies anywhere you want, even in the pool. Outdoor movie screens come like roll-up projection screens or large inflatables. Position one nearby your pool and spend the party watching something awesome—but maybe not The Shallows.

Light Show

Complement your evening pool party with a light show from your in-pool lighting system. When you install pool lights it’s not only safer to swim at night but more fun. Set them to a specific theme color or rotate them through a cycle of the rainbow. Add some ambiance to your party that you just won’t get with overhead lighting.

Got an idea for your pool party that would just make the day perfect? Work with Pink Dolphin Pool Care to execute your plan. We can also install new lighting or pool heaters to keep the fun going longer than before. Reach out at (602) 688-7465 to set up a cleaning or a consult for some new additions to your pool.

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