Popular Pool Toys for your Arizona Pool

Popular Pool Toys for your Arizona Pool

No matter if you’re a kid, a teenager, or an adult, everyone enjoys cooling off and splashing around in the pool on a summer day. That being said, you can easily level up the fun with some pool toys. Whether you’re planning a party or you’re looking for a comfortable way to lounge in the pool, there are a ton of options when it comes to pool toys.

swimming pool toys

To make the most of your pool fun this summer, stock up on pool toys and accessories the whole family can enjoy.

Popular Types of Pool Toys

No matter how you prefer to enjoy your pool, there are numerous types of toys to make your pool time even more fun this summer. Here are some of the most popular options:

Pool floats: For those more inclined to relax than play, pool floats are essential. Floating toys mean kids can take a break without even leaving the pool. Pool floats can range from simple to extravagant. It never hurts to have some standard pool noodles and inflatable tubes around. Larger pool floats allow you to really spread out or you can make a statement with a floating unicorn or flamingo.

Diving toys: There are many types of toys designed to sink to the bottom of the pool, challenging swimmers to dive down and retrieve them. Diving toys can be found in the shape of sticks, rings, fish, and other animals. Another type of diving toy is rings that don’t sink the whole way to the bottom, creating an obstacle course of rings to swim through.

Games: Let the games begin! Almost any yard game you can think of has a pool toy version. Friends and family with a competitive side will enjoy playing pool volleyball with a floating net or basketball with either a floating hoop or a hoop on the side of the pool. Also consider ring toss games, floating cornhole boards, and some beach balls.

What to Consider When Buying Pool Toys

To help you choose pool toys that are the most fun and appropriate for the people using your pool, here are some things to consider when choosing pool toys.

● Age range: Younger children may enjoy pool noodles and floating animals, but older children and adults are more likely to enjoy active games.

● Durability: Look for products made with durable and fade-resistant materials to get the most use out of them.

● Swimming skills: Diving toys may not be appropriate for inexperienced swimmers. If you buy a pool game, consider if it can be used in both shallow and deep water to accommodate different swimming abilities.

Phoenix Pool Services

Get the most fun and enjoyment out of your pool by keeping it clean and performing regular maintenance. For pool owners in Phoenix’s Northwest Valley, if you need pool cleaning, chemical balancing, repairs, or any other pool services, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is here to help. We will do everything to keep your pool clean, fully functional, and safe for you and your family.

To schedule affordable weekly pool services, equipment installations, or repairs, call Pink Dolphin at (602) 688-7465.

Winter Pool Fun

Winter Pool Fun

While many pool owners throughout the country must close and winterize their pools for the winter, Phoenix pool owners have the luxury of being able to enjoy their pool year-round, even in the winter. For maximum winter pool fun, consider these pool heating and maintenance tips.

swimming pool heating and maintenance

Heating Your Pool for Winter

While winter temperatures in Phoenix are mild, you’ll get the most enjoyment out of your pool in the winter by heating the water. Comfortable water temperature is key to pool fun.  There are many varieties of heating elements, but here are some of the most popular.

Electric Heat Pump: This pump heats the pool by passing the water through hot compressed air. It does take longer to heat up compared to gas pumps, but they are low maintenance and eco-friendly. Heat pumps are best for areas with temperatures above 45 degrees.

Gas Heater: Using either natural gas or propane, gas heaters warm pool water quickly and can be used at lower temperatures. A gas line or gas tank is required for the fuel, and gas heaters do have higher operation and maintenance costs than electric heaters.

Solar Blanket: These covers use the sun’s energy to keep the pool warm and can raise water temperatures by 10-15 degrees. They are ideal for sunny areas where the temperatures don’t drop too low. This option is affordable and eco-friendly, but pool owners have less control.

Regardless of the heating method you choose, heating your pool for the winter extends the swimming season so you can get more use out of your investment and have more fun. Decorate the pool area for the holidays and host a winter pool party.

If you choose not to heat your pool for the winter, you can still have fun. Consider hosting a “polar plunge” party. Challenge your friends to jump in the cold water and enjoy a warm fire and hot chocolate afterward.

Winter Pool Care

Pool maintenance is easy to forget about in the winter months because you tend to use the pool less. However, it is still important. Clean the pool and filter and check the heater and pool equipment regularly. It’s also important to stick to your regular water testing and chemical balancing schedule. Making sure your pool is clean and chemically balanced ensures that you, your family and guests can enjoy winter pool fun.

Winter pool care and maintenance are especially important if you’re using a pool heater because poor water conditions can damage the equipment. Damaged pool heaters can be expensive to repair.

Phoenix Pool Care Services

Pink Dolphin Pool Care provides year-round pool cleaning and maintenance services to our friends and neighbors in Phoenix’s Northwest Valley including those in Glendale, Peoria, and Sun City, Arizona.

Our pool care professionals can install new pool heaters or repair broken heaters so you can keep enjoying your pool during the winter months. Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your pool in top condition. If you don’t intend to use your pool this winter, hire professional pool closing to ensure your pool is properly winterized.

For reliable and affordable pool care services, contact the pros at Pink Dolphin by calling (602) 688-7465.

Importance of Chemical Pool Balance

Importance of Chemical Pool Balance

As a pool owner, there is a lot of work that goes into keeping your pool in good condition so you can enjoy the refreshing water on a hot day. Pool chemical balance is one of the most important aspects of pool maintenance, and unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just adding chlorine every now and then.

pool water chemical testing

Pool Water Elements to Balance

There are several different elements that must be balanced and kept within a specific range to have ideal pool water conditions:

● pH: between 7.4 and 7.6

● Alkalinity: between 80 and 120 ppm

● Calcium Hardness: between 180 and 200 ppm

● Stabilizer: between 30 and 50 ppm

● Chlorine: between 1 and 3 ppm

Each of these components plays an important role in the appearance, safety, and overall function of your pool.

What Happens When Pool Water is Unbalanced

It may not seem like a big deal if you go a while without testing and balancing your pool water. However, unbalanced pool water can cause problems like skin and eye irritation, corrosion, pool equipment damage, cloudy water, and algae growth.

pH levels under 7 mean the water is acidic and can turn corrosive. Levels over 7 indicate the water is basic and may turn cloudy and start to scale. High calcium levels can lead to calcium deposits and cloudy water. Very low levels of calcium can turn the water corrosive.

There are also important health reasons to keep your pool water balanced. High chlorine levels can cause skin, eye, and nose irritation, but if the chlorine is too low, it will allow bacteria to grow which can lead to ear, nose, and throat infections.

Tips for Balancing Pool Water

It is important to test your pool water regularly and make the necessary adjustments. You should test the water when you open the pool for the season, if you refill or add water to the pool, and on a weekly basis. You should have a test kit at home and know the size of your pool and its capacity for accurate balancing.

Chemical levels are also affected by elements such as rain and water temperature. Heavy rain can decrease your pool’s pH level. Chemicals are less active in lower temperatures, so you may need to add more to achieve the correct balance. The pool water may also need extra balancing if it is unused for a long period of time.

It’s a lot to keep track of. If it seems overwhelming, if you just don’t want to worry about it, or if you’re having trouble keeping the water balanced you can have your pool water tested and balanced weekly with professional pool maintenance services.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care offers weekly full-service pool cleaning that takes the hassle out of owning a swimming pool. This service includes testing and balancing pool water as well as backwashing the filter, emptying the skimmer, brushing and vacuuming, and more. We always leave a pool service slip detailing what pool chemicals were added to your pool.

If you need pool care services in Phoenix’s Northwest Valley, or the surrounding areas, call Pink Dolphin today at 602-688-7465!

End of Season Pool Preparation

End of Season Pool Preparation

Pool owners in the Phoenix area have the luxury of a long swimming season. Nevertheless, even in the Valley of the Sun, it is a good idea to start making end of season pool preparations.  This will be closing the pool or winterizing it. Thankfully you won’t have snow to deal with, but you may need to make some concessions to cooler temperatures or the need to close your pool for a period of time.

Phoenix swimming pool closing and winterizing

Discuss the need to take steps to winterize or close your pool with your pool care professional. For those unfamiliar with the steps or those wanting to avoid the time and effort required, call a pool care expert like Pink Dolphin Pool Care to ensure your pool is properly prepared for the off-season.

Pool Closing Steps

If you will be away for an extended period of time, you may need to take steps to close your pool for its proper maintenance and protection. Even though you won’t be using your pool for a few months, there are quite a lot of steps necessary to prepare your pool for closing.

1. Clear the pool of debris and pool scum: Skim, brush, and vacuum the pool to prevent the growth of bacteria and prevent clogging. Don’t forget to clean the skimmer basket!

2. Test and balance pool water: Test the water to make sure it’s balanced before closing. If it is not, add treatments to properly adjust the pH to 7.2 – 7.6.

3. Add chlorine shock: About a week before putting the cover on the pool. Kills bacteria, prevents algae and keeps the water clean.

4. Add algaecide: Add the treatment about 5-7 days after shocking the pool to keep your pool water from turning green over the winter.

5. Clean and backwash the filter and pump: For a removable filter, take it out and clean it thoroughly. For a sand filter, backwash it to clean and discourage algae growth.

6. Clear the pool’s pump lines: Blow all the water out of your pool’s plumbing lines. Most pool owners bring in professional maintenance services for this task since it requires a shop vac or other device to clear the water from the lines.

7. Remove pool accessories and cover: Accessories, like ladders, can prevent the cover from fitting properly. Install a well-fitting pool cover to keep the water clean and clear.

These preparations ensure your pool stays in good condition and is easy to re-open when you return.

Benefits of Winterizing Your Pool

Not all Phoenix pool owners close their pools in the winter. However, closing, or winterizing, your pool will help to save time, effort, and money during the season you won’t really be using it.

● Easier maintenance.

● Protect and extend the life of pool equipment (especially if the area experiences freezing temperatures).

● Save money on electricity costs.

● Get a break from regular pool maintenance.

● Keep debris out and keep the water clean

If you are hesitant about closing your pool because of the steps involved or don’t want to carry out all the work yourself, call a pool care expert to help with end-of-season preparations and properly close your pool.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care is a family-owned and operated business serving Phoenix’s West Valley. We offer affordable and dependable pool care services including pool closing, maintaining pool condition in winter, inspection, and repairs among other services. Our pool care experts are here to help! Call Pink Dolphin today at (602) 688-7465 to schedule your end-of-season pool services.

Is a Green Pool Safe?

You step outside ready to take a refreshing dip in your cool, crystal clear pool, but you quickly notice your pool water is green! It doesn’t look inviting, but is it safe to swim in? A green pool is a sign of concern. Overall, it is best to avoid swimming in pools with green water especially if you do not know the cause.dirty swimming pool

It is not safe to swim in green pool water caused by algae blooms because bacteria feed on the algae and can infect swimmers and make them sick. But there are less common causes of green water that do not pose serious dangers.

Causes of Green Pool Water

There are three main causes of green pool water:

Low Chlorine: The most common cause of green water is low chlorine levels that lead to algae blooms which turn the water green. Harmful bacteria feeding on algae turn pools green with algae growth and unsafe for swimming.

Pollen: Most pollen is too fine to be filtered out of the pool. Pollen can build up over time and turn pool water green, especially in areas with high pollen counts. Pool water discolored by pollen is not dangerous.

Metals: Traces of copper in pool water from cheap algaecides, metal components of the pool, or acidic source water can oxidize when you shock the pool turning the water green. This can cause skin and eye irritation and even turn swimmers’ hair green.

Professional Pool Cleaning

The good news is, that a green pool can be cleared up with good cleaning, water treatments, and chemical adjustments. It is advisable to bring in a professional pool cleaning service to identify the cause and then quickly and safely restore your pool’s crystal clear water, especially for those with green water caused by algae blooms.

How the experts of Pink Dolphin Pool Care, efficiently clear up green pool water:

● Vacuum the pool to remove algae debris.

● Brush the pool using algae brush with stiff bristles.

● Test the water chemistry and adjust chemicals as needed.

● Shock the pool with concentrated chlorine solution/treatment to kill the algae.

● Apply an algaecide to prevent algae from growing back.

● Clean the pool filter and run the pump and filter continuously for 24 hours to allow the pool’s entire volume of water to run through the clean filter.

It is important to check your pool’s chlorine levels frequently, clean the pool regularly, and perform pool maintenance as needed to prevent algae blooms and green pool water. Having Pink Dolphin Pool Care for you pool maintenance can prevent issues like green pool problems.

Reliable Pool Care in Phoenix

Pink Dolphin Pool Care offers comprehensive pool services to keep your pool in top condition and take the burden of cleaning and maintenance off your shoulders. Our high-quality services have earned a 4.3 rating out of 130 online reviews and include thorough weekly cleaning, filter cleaning and repair, pump installation and repair, light installation, and more.

Don’t let green water keep you from enjoying your pool! If you need pool care services in Phoenix’s Northwest Valley including Glendale, Peoria, and Sun City, Arizona, call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-7465.

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