Swimming Pool Lights Repair

Swimming Pool Lights Repair

Night swimming is a very popular activity, especially if you have kids. Whenever you have anyone swimming in your pool at night, safety is always a concern. You want to make sure you have sufficient lights around and in the pool for everyone to be able to see where they are walking.

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Along with safety, pool lighting is a great way to have some fun with your pool. You can choose different colored lights, you can get floating lights, and, if you’re feeling extravagant, you can get show lights that change colors automatically in a synced show.

Affordable Pool Lights Repair

Keeping your pool lights functional can be a hassle. Sometimes there can be water damage if they weren’t properly installed, sometimes a bulb goes out. Whatever the issue is that has stopped your lights from working, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is here to help! As a family-owned business, we understand the need a family has for a functioning pool. You should feel comfortable with your pool care provider and be able to tell them any issues you have.

At Pink Dolphin, we want you to feel like a part of the family. Our swimming pool lights repair experts listen to your needs and come up with a plan of action. Every repair plan we offer is at an affordable rate so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Pool light repair services we offer include:

Light bulb replacement
Light fixture replacement
LED bulbs and fixtures
Electrical repair
And more!

If you live in the Northwest Valley and your pool has gone dark, call Pink Dolphin Pool Care at 602-688-7465 for premiere swimming pool lights repair.

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