Glendale AZ Water Leveler Repair

Glendale AZ Water Leveler Repair

Have you noticed the water level in your pool going down? If you have, it’s not because the splashes you make when jumping in are cascading water out of the pool. It’s because your automatic water levelers are in need of repair. Pink Dolphin Pool Care is your Glendale, AZ water leveler repair company!

Glendale AZ Water Leveler Repair | Pink Dolphin Pool Care

What Does a Water Leveler Do?

Your automatic water leveler is designed to sense when the water levels in your pool drop below a certain point. If the water levels do drop, the water levelers fill your pool back up with water until it reaches the proper levels. The water leveler comes with a float to detect water levels. It floats around your pool and when the water drops, so does the float. When the float drops, it opens the valve to allow water to filter back into your pool.

The easiest way to know if something is wrong with your water leveler is to watch the pool water level. If it goes below the tile on the inside of the pool, your levels are getting too low. This could mean there is a problem with the valve not opening, or the manual fill line might be turned off. If your water levels get too low, your pool pump could run dry and burn. If the water levels are too high (going above the tiles on the inside of the pool) this could lead to a depletion of pool chemicals and make the water unsafe to swim in.

Water Leveler Repairs in Glendale AZ

If you live in the Glendale area, Pink Dolphin Pool Care can help you maintain your pool water levels. Water levelers are quite simple to repair and it won’t take too much time out of your day to have them fixed. We will come out to your home, assess the situation, and find out the reasons your water leveler isn’t working. Once we find a solution, you’ll be jumping back in in no time. We are a family owned pool care company, and we understand the importance of keeping your pool up and running. You can’t do that with a broken water leveler. Call us today at (602) 688-7465 to get your water levels back on track.

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