Pool Pump Installations

Pool Pump Installations

While often unseen by most people, a pool pump is the most important part of your pool. It works hard to keep the pool water circulating, pulling water through the skimmer and the main pool drain, then into the filter and finally dropping it back through the main returns. It helps the chemicals circulate as well, keeping the water safe to swim in.

Pool Timers Installation and Repair in Phoenix AZThe pump essentially runs the pool, so when your pool pump is on the fritz or running inefficiently, it can take your pool from relaxing to stressful. Not only can an inefficient or broken pool pump keep you out of the pool, but it can also cost you money. Pink Dolphin Pool Care is here to help with Glendale, Peoria and Phoenix pool pump installations.

It’s All About Speed

When it comes to choosing a new pool pump, the main thing you need to remember is that it’s all about speed. There are three types of pool pumps available to the average consumer. Each brings a different level of efficiency. They all come at different price points as well, so it’s important to do the math and figure out what balance of efficiency and upfront cost will work best for your wallet.

Single-Speed Pool Pump

For the most budget-friendly option out there, opt for a single-speed pool pump. These push water around at a consistent rate for general circulation.

Two-Speed Pool Pump

Working with a system that controls the speeds, a two-speed pool pump can go faster or slower depending on your needs at the moment. These pool pumps can reduce your energy bill significantly by spending more time at a lower speed. The pool circulation is still enough to keep the health of the water safe.

Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Technology only grows smarter, and that applies to variable-speed pool pumps as well. Variable-speed pool pumps automatically adjust their flow to meet the needs of pool circulation. These tend to run slower, increasing efficiency. Pool owners find they save hundreds to over a thousand dollars in a long pool season with variable-speed pool pumps.

Installing a New Pool Pump

New Pool Equipment Installation and Repair in Phoenix AZIf you’re installing a new pool and thus a brand new pump for the first time, choosing the right type of pool pump is important to start yourself off on the right foot.

Balancing efficiency and cost, as well as state statute requirements, can help you narrow down the list of your pool pump options. When you work with a company like Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we have many favorite products that we can recommend for your new pool setup.

Replacing a Broken Pool Pump

When it’s time to replace a broken pool pump and install a new one, there’s a few things to consider. What worked well with your previous pump and what you like to see done differently?

Did you feel that your pump was overpowered for the size of your pool? Discuss sizing with your pool technician.

Was your electric bill always too high during pool season? Choosing a more efficient model—at least a two-speed pool pump—this time can save you on the power bill.

Was your previous pump very noisy? Opting for a variable-speed pump this time may reduce some noise pollution around your pool.

Installation Process

Calling in the experts from Pink Dolphin to install your new Pool Pump is the best way to get the job done right.

When your pool technicians arrive, they’ll make sure to shut off the power connected to your pool pump if they are replacing it. Old pumps will need to be cut free of the pipes connected to them.

Wiring on an old pump will need to be removed, quickly followed by new wiring for the new pump. Pink Dolphin pool technicians are well-versed in safely wiring these motors.

New pipes that fit the new pump can be fitted with existing plumbing. This may require some adjusting to fit the shape of the new pump, but your tech will be familiar with running new pipe.

Once your new pump is completely hooked up, your tech can turn the power on and test it. If all is well, you’ll be circulating your pool in no time.

Title 44 Legislature

Going forward, Arizona pool owners will need to install only two-speed or variable-speed pool pumps to meet the new state-mandated efficiency requirements on new pumps. Taking this into consideration when budgeting for a new pool pump is important, as is remembering the significant savings in electric bills you will benefit from with these new and efficient models.

Raising the Standards

Along with the Title 44 legislature in Arizona, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is helping to raise the bar on pool pump installations. The legislature mandates that energy-efficient standards are met for all new residential pool pumps.

Although this does not currently affect existing pumps, we do our part to help you and the environment when it’s time to replace your pool pump. We can help you meet these standards as well as help you receive valuable rebates from SRP and APS.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care is the premier pool care service company in the Northwest Valley. We handle everything from weekly maintenance to pool draining, repairs and pool pump installations. When your pool pump takes a dive or you’re ready for a new, energy-efficient pool pump, call us at 602-688-7465.

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