Pool Pump Installations

Pool Pump Installations

While often unseen by most people, a pool pump is the most important part of your pool. It works hard to keep the pool water circulating, pulling water through the skimmer and the main pool drain, then into the filter and finally dropping it back through the main returns. It helps the chemicals circulate as well, keeping the water safe to swim in.

Glendale AZ Pool Pump Installation | Pink Dolphin Pool CareThe pump essentially runs the pool, so when your pool pump is on the fritz or running inefficiently, it can take your pool from relaxing to stressful. Not only can an inefficient or broken pool pump keep you out of the pool, it can cost you money. Pink Dolphin Pool Care is here to help with Glendale, Peoria and Phoenix pool pump installations.

Raising the Standards

Along with the Title 44 legislature in Arizona, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is helping to raise the bar on pool pump installations. The legislature mandates that energy efficient standards are met for all new residential pool pumps. Although this does not currently affect existing pumps, we do our part to help you and the environment when it’s time to replace your pool pump. We can help you meet these standards as well as help you receive valuable rebates from SRP and APS.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care is the premier pool care service company in the Northwest Valley. We handle everything from weekly maintenance to pool draining, repairs and pool pump installations. When your pool pump takes a dive or you’re ready for a new, energy efficient pool pump, call us at 602-688-7465.

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