Pool Draining

Pool Draining

Pool Draining Service Glendale AZ | Pink Dolphin Pool CareDid you use the pool this winter? If your answer is no, don’t be alarmed. You aren’t the only one. Most pools tend to see very little action during the winter season, while other pools may be neglected for an even longer period of time.

Luckily, it’s almost that time of year to get the pool up and running for the upcoming pool season. So at this point you may need to give your pool some TLC by getting a professional pool draining service. This is especially important to those pools that haven’t been drained prior to this winter. Nonetheless, this is a good maintenance practice for the longevity of your pool.

How often should you drain your pool?

Using a pool draining service is essential to a pool maintenance schedule. It is recommended to drain your pool following the total dissolved solids (TDS) levels guideline. TDS can lead to cloudy or hazy water once the pool water is elevated to a certain level. This makes maintaining the water balance a bit difficult. To stabilize the water, it would have to be replaced with fresh water by draining a portion of the pool water. Additionally, it is recommended to drain your pool every 2-3 years. So while draining your pool plays an integral role in the regular maintenance of your pool, it should not be done every year.

Why do you need a pool draining service?

Pool Draining Service Glendale AZ | Pink Dolphin Pool CareMost homeowners ask this question to understand the purpose of this task. The goal of pool draining is to enhance the longevity of the pool. There are variety of reasons why your pool may need to be drained: to stabilize the TDS and to repair any damages.

Stabilizing the TDS levels is essential due to the minerals and residues left while the new water cycles into the pool. Every time new water is cycled into the pool, the TDS level rises.

Getting your pool water professionally tested when you see visible signs, like calcium deposits, can prevent damages to your pool. Professionals should recommend a maintenance plan or provide pool draining services. Additionally, if there are any visible repairs that needs to made, draining the pool by a professional is also important.

It is crucial to remember to drain your pool based on your city’s laws and regulations to prevent any sanctions. So finding a credible or reputable pool draining service is important.

For more details regarding pool draining in Glendale, Phoenix, Peoria or Sun City, contact the professionals at Pink Dolphin Pool Care at (602) 688-7465.

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