Pop Up In-Floor Systems for Glendale Pools

Pop Up In-Floor Systems for Glendale Pools

Nothing is better than a sparkling pool calling your name on a hot Arizona summer day. When you’re ready to dive in, you expect the pool to be clean. No one wants to see bugs, leaves and debris sitting on the pool floor! And what’s worse than looking at a dirty pool is actually cleaning it. Once that water turns from crystal clear to murky brown, the labor necessary to clean the pool skyrockets… and so does the cost. That’s why automatic pool cleaning systems are so popular.

pool cleaning Glendale AZ by pop up in-floor systems.
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When you think of an automatic pool cleaning system, you probably imagine the common big, clunky robot that swims around the bottom of the pool and up the walls. You’ve probably ducked out of its path quickly while standing in the pool or leaning along the wall. Aside from taking over prime pool space, these automatic cleaners are eyesores. Many people simply don’t like the look of the cleaner just sitting at the bottom of the pool. In fact, that big beast can even be the cause of children’s fears – the sea creature at the bottom of the pool!

While there are so many downsides to the automatic pool cleaner, we tend to look past it all for the sake of keeping the pool clean year-round. But there’s another way! If you want to keep your pool clean but hate the look and functionality of the big, automatic cleaner, Pink Dolphin Pool Care can install pop up in-floor systems to cleanse your pool.

Invisible Pool Cleaning

Pop up in-floor pool cleaning systems keep your pool swim ready at all times – the epitome of low maintenance pool care! Much like the giant pool robot, the purpose of the pop up in-floor system is to clean your pool. But unlike the old cleaning robot that vacuum debris, the pop-up system harnesses the power of water jets to direct debris toward the drain.

Think of them like a sprinkler system; the in-floor devices pop up when it’s cleaning time, in sequence, and spray the debris toward the deep end of the pool, where it is collected and sucked out through drains and skimmers.

The nozzles pop up, spray water, then return back into the floor. This means no more clogged cleaners or dislodged, floating hoses!

The pop up in-floor systems are perfect if you don’t like the look of having a cleaner in your pool. The pop-up nozzles only come up when they are in use, then they disappear when they’ve done their job. This eliminates the eyesore issue of the old automatic cleaner. And because of the nozzles’ small size, they can be placed anywhere in the pool or spa, including floors, steps and benches. The nozzles even rotate, so nearly every nook and cranny of your pool is regularly swept clean.

Additional Advantages of Pop Up In-Floor Systems

The sparse, simple look and effective cleaning are definitely the top advantages of the pop up in-floor pool cleaner. Plus,  you can schedule the pop up system to run on its own so you don’t have to remember to clean the pool. There are a few lesser known benefits, as well.

Because the nozzles spray water, they circulate the water in the pool. You’ll have fewer “hot spots” and if you heat your pool, the heater will run more efficiently as the cleaning system helps distribute the warm water. Likewise, the cleaning system helps circulate and distribute the pool chemicals that keep the water safe to swim in. Added efficiency can lead to lower energy and chemical costs.

The simple design of the in-floor nozzles also means fewer parts to fail. The robo vacuum has wheels, rollers, hoses – all parts that could need to be replaced. An in-floor system cuts down on parts and thus, points of failure.

No pool cleaning system is completely maintenance free. Even with the pop up in-floor system, you’ll need to skim the pool surface regularly and empty the skimmer basket or drain. But this modern cleaning system helps you spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your private oasis.

Our experts here at Pink Dolphin Pool Care know these pop up in-floor pool cleaners well and have the expertise to easily install them in your pool. When you’re done with the clunky robo pool cleaner and all the attached hoses, and are ready for a virtually invisible cleaner that keeps your Glendale pool sparkling, call Pink Dolphin at 602-688-7465.

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