Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Pool cartridge filter cleaning is something many homeowners will attempt on their own in the Northwest Valley. It makes a lot of sense. Some of these cartridge filters for pools can be quite expensive. If we can squeeze out a little bit more life from them, all the better. However, if you fail to clean the cartridge properly, you can end up costing yourself more in the long run.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care in Glendale, Arizona, provides a full array of pool cleaning services for homeowners in Phoenix’s Northwest Valley. This includes weekly pool cleaning as well as pool pump repair, replacement, and installation. We see what happens when pool filters become clogged and the kind of damage that can do to your pool filtration system.

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Helping our customers includes extending the life of their pool pumps and filters. Helping you save money is important to us. It is possible with a hose and some practice to clean a cartridge filter, but sometimes they need replaced rather than just cleaned. It really makes a difference how dirty the filter is, what kind of debris is in there, etc. If it is not cleaned properly, you can end up damaging the filter, lodging debris within its folds. That can make it so that it doesn’t filter properly allowing larger and more debris to slip by the filter and flow into the rest of the system. That could end up causing a clogged pool pump and even burn out the pump.

Replacing a filter isn’t that hard or expensive, but it end up being a lot better than buying a whole new pool pump or filtration system. If you want to know how to best maintain your pool, keep it clean, and clean the pool filters, contact Pink Dolphin Pool Care. We’ll do it the right way and provide you some tips along the way.

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