When To Acid Wash Your Pool

When To Acid Wash Your Pool

With proper care and preparation, the need to acid wash your pool should never – or at least very rarely – come up.  If you think an acid wash is in order, it’s always best to call a local pool service company.  The acid wash process involves some very caustic chemicals and should be left to those with experience handling these dangerous substances.

Below is an outline of the process for acid washing your pool.

Drain the pool

Since we are washing the surfaces of the pool, we need to be able to get to those surfaces quickly and easily.  Drain the pool until it is completely empty being sure to clean any debris as the water level lowers.

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Proper protective equipment

 When applying an acid wash, protective gear is a necessity.  Items such as a plastic suit, goggles, mask, rubber boots, and rubber gloves are mandatory when dealing with the chemicals involved.

Mix chemicals

Dilute the acid by adding the required amount to one gallon of water.  Again, these chemicals are dangerous so it’s always a good idea to call a pool-care professional who has experience dealing with this process and can complete it quickly and safely.  The professional pool cleaner will also know the right water to acid ratio.

Wet down pool wall

Make sure the wall to be washed is wet before applying the acid solution.

Apply acid wash

Apply solution to a ten-foot section of wall.  Let sit for 30 seconds then scrub with wall with a brush to remove algae and other substances.


Rinse section just washed thoroughly with clean water.

This is a general outline of the process involved in acid washing a pool.  Be sure to dispose of leftover water from the acid wash process properly.  Contact your local pool-care professional with any questions or to setup an appointment to have your pool washed.

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