10 Winter Pool Care Tips from The Pros

10 Winter Pool Care Tips from The Pros

10 Winter Pool Care Tips | Glendale AZ Pink Dolphin Pool Care

When winter rolls around, your pool takes the backseat and is forgotten about. It doesn’t get a lot of use during the winter and many people think that, because it’s not in use, the pool doesn’t require maintenance or care. That is not the case. Keep these 10 winter pool care tips from the pros in mind when covering up your pool for the winter:

1.       Keep Water Pure

Despite the cold weather, microorganism reproduction still happens in the water. Adding in a winterizing product with biocidal properties will help resist the growth of microorganisms.

2.       Algaecide Addition

Adding in long-lasting algaecide to your pool before closing up can help prevent the growth of bacteria. Preventing bacteria growth will help keep your pool clean come springtime.

3.       Chlorine Addition

Adding chlorine to a pool before winter closing is always a good idea, but a common mistake people make is by adding too much. They think that the more chlorine added will last a longer time. That is not true. All it will do is bleach your pool lining.

4.       Freezing Beware

If your pool pipes or equipment freeze, they can possibly become damaged and need replacing. To avoid this, drain the water from the pool about 6 inches below the skimmer so water doesn’t get into the pipes and equipment.

5.       Clean Cover

Your pool cover is designed to keep debris out of your pool during the winter. It is important to periodically remove the debris. This avoids a large amount of debris to accumulate when the time comes to remove the cover.

6.       Watch the Weather

A mesh cover is common for pools, but if rain is prevalent, it may dilute the chlorine and algaecide that will need to be replenished before the winter really hits.

7.       Enzyme Chemical Use

Non-organic contamination such as pollen can slip under the cover and enter the pool. Enzyme chemicals can be poured into the pool prior to covering it to help breakdown non-organic contaminators.

8.       Air Pillow Use

To help keep debris off the cover, an air pillow can be placed in the middle which raises it so the debris falls off to the sides.

9.       Check-ups

The best thing to do is regularly check your pool cover and make sure the debris is cleared and there are no tears allowing things to get inside the pool.

10.   Open Early

You don’t need to wait for summer to be in full swing to open your pool, especially if you can handle cool water. The warmer the water gets under the cover, the easier it is for algae and bacteria to grow.

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