New Year’s Resolution: Upgrade Pool Area with Some New Features

New Year’s Resolution: Upgrade Pool Area with Some New Features

It’s been some time since you’ve used your pool. After months of staring at it in the backyard, and with the recent passing of the new year, you’ve realized you’re not making the most of your space. Even though many people equate the new year with phrases like “new year, new me,” there’s no reason why you can’t also equate it to your pool.

Upgrade Pool Area with Some New Features in Glendale, AZ
Enjoying new pool features in Glendale, AZ

If it’s been ages since you’ve enjoyed your pool, consider upgrading your pool area with some new features to make the most out of your space. Your pool is part of your home, but also a place to relax, exercise, and entertain family and friends. Depending on how you use your pool, there are a variety of ways you can upgrade your pool that will allow it to function for you in the new year.

Ways to Upgrade Pool Area

When it comes to pool features, there’s a variety of things you can consider. Safety, aesthetics, and entertainment are just three categories you can consider:

  • If your pool hasn’t been used because of safety concerns, you can consider installing a pool fence or handrails. Installing these safety features can give you a sense of security, especially if you or your family has young kids or a rambunctious pet.
  • If your pool isn’t pleasing you aesthetically, consider installing underwater color changing LED pool and spa lights. These lights can be used for aesthetic purposes to help set the tone for the evening. Additionally, they can be used to create a color show. Whether you are lounging in the pool on your own or want to (literally) highlight a party, these colorful additions can completely modernize your pool area.
  • If your pool hasn’t been used as often as you’d like in general and would like to make more out of entertaining throughout the entire year, consider installing a pool heater. Installing a pool heater will allow you to entertain with your pool year-round. Pool parties and entertaining no longer must be reserved for the summer!

At Pink Dolphin, we can assist with any of the features listed above, and more!

Upgrading Pool Features with Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin Pool Care offers a variety of different services, from pool equipment installation and repair to pool cleaning services. And, as a family owned business, we are prepared to help you and your family make the most of your pool and enjoy it safely. Our repair services and can get your pool up and running again if it is something you’ve been putting off but finally want to address in the new year.

There could not be a better time to upgrade your pool and follow through on your resolutions. Pool Dolphin Pool Care offers services year-round so you can start your year with a splash. Give us a call at 602-688-7465 for  today to see what we can do for you!

The Basics of Pool Safety

The Basics of Pool Safety

Having a pool can be a fun addition to parties, as well as a great way to cool off in the summer months. However, it is extremely important to follow some guidelines to ensure your pool is safe and family-friendly so you can continue having fun all year long.

The basics of pool safety.
Swimming pool cleaner during his work . ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

Most people think of the traditional “no running around the pool” when thinking about pool safety. However clean up and support is also important. Cleaning up pool toys after each use can help prevent kids from wandering back to the pool unsupervised, and steps and handrails may assist those young swimmers when it’s time to swim. Pool cleaning and maintenance also refers to your pool’s chemistry levels.

Pool Safety Tips

An ill-maintained pool may have cloudy water, green water, foamy water, and a strong chlorine odor. Sometimes if your pool is infected with dirt and other contaminants, your eyes can become red after swimming. The last thing you want to do is risk your safety in what should be a fun or relaxing activity.

Testing your pool’s chemistry is also extremely important, because balances that are too high or too low are not safe to swim in. pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6, total alkalinity should be between 80 to 120 ppm, and chlorine 2 to 4.

Once you know your pool is balanced, you can implement the more common rules like:

  • No running.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Install safety precautions like fences, handrails, and steps.

Maintaining Your Pool with Pink Dolphin

If you are concerned about whether or not your pool is safe to swim in, call the pool professionals at Pink Dolphin. We offer regularly cleaning and chemical balancing services so you can swim safely all year long. Additionally, we provide other services, like hand rail installation, pool equipment repair, and pool filter repair. Give us a call at (602) 688-7465 today!

Your Pool Can Either Be An Attraction Or A Distraction. Professional Pool Cleaning Can Make the Difference

Your Pool Can Either Be An Attraction Or A Distraction. Professional Pool Cleaning Can Make the Difference

With fall winding down and the winter season finally upon us, your pool may be facing less use than normal, especially if you haven’t invested in a pool heater. However, just because your pool isn’t being used doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get cleaned and maintained regularly.

Glendale, AZ Pool Cleaning

Winter in Glendale is still warm enough for backyard festivities, especially with the upcoming holidays. Though, when you prepare your home for guests, you should also consider the looks of your pool. After all, it can either be an attraction or distraction depending on how clean it is.

Weekly Pool Care

The last thing you want to do is introduce your guests to a centerpiece in the backyard filled with algae and bacteria–but that’s exactly what could happen if you don’t maintain your pool during the off-season. With the professionals at Pink Dolphin, you don’t ever have to worry about it getting that far.

Our pool care services include full-service pool cleaning, chemical plus cleaning, and chemical only services. A full-service pool cleaning service includes brushing, vacuuming, the removal of leaves and debris, as well as chemical testing and other inspection and maintenance services for the pool pump. This is the perfect service for you if you don’t have time to care for your pool weekly but want to keep it happy and healthy.

Professional Pool Cleaning in Glendale

For many people, their home is their pride and joy. This can include the appearance of your pool. Don’t wait for it to become a tub of frothy green. If your pool is shades away from crystal clear, call the pool professionals at Pink Dolphin. We are here for all your swimming pool needs, on and off season. Give us a call at (602) 688-7465 today!

Pool Heaters can Keep the Fun Going

Not Ready for the Pool Season to End? Pool Heaters can Keep the Fun Going

Swimming pools have a variety of functions. From pool parties to family bonding to peaceful meditation, pools offer a variety of benefits including the ability to socialize, exercise and relax with your family and friends.

Pool heaters extend swimming season

So, why should you have to pack up your suit and towel for the season just because summer is over? To keep the benefits of having a pool going year-round, consider getting a pool heater for all your swimming needs.

Benefits of a Pool Heater

Installing a swimming pool heater is the perfect solution to extend pool season. Different types of pool heaters offer different benefits.  In Glendale, a solar pool heater may be apt as it is eco-friendly and will rely on the sun—which is never too far, even in the cooler months. Other pool heaters, like gas pool heaters, warm the pool quickly, quietly and efficiently.

Investing in a pool heater ensures that you are getting the most out of your pool. While Arizona winters aren’t as frigid as others across the country, a pool heater can allow you to embrace it all year long and enjoy your complete living space with ease and comfort. Heaters are also commonly installed in smaller pools and spas. No matter what you need, there is an option for you!

Pool Heater Installation in Glendale

As a family-owned company, Pink Dolphin understands the importance of family bonding and you can count on us if you want to extend the fun of summer throughout the year. Pool lovers with winter birthdays may be excited at the prospect of finally celebrating with a pool party.

No matter what time of year you need us, our licensed technicians are qualified for pool heater installation needs, as well as any necessary repairs in the future. For Glendale pool heater installations, give the professionals at Pink Dolphin a call at 602-688-7465 today!

Pool Equipment Repairs In Northwest Valley, AZ

Pool Equipment Repairs In Northwest Valley, AZ

Arizona summers can be dreadful when the sun is shining, and the temperature continuously increases. That’s where having a pool comes in handy. You can spend your summers hanging out by the pool, relaxing, tanning, and when you get too warm, you can hop into the crisp, cool water.

However, with all this use of your pool, your pool equipment must work double time in order to keep the water clean and safe for you and your family. All that work means you might find yourself in need of pool equipment repairs in Northwest Valley, AZ.

Measuring for pool equipment repairs in Northwest Valley, Arizona
man measuring boards for a new above ground pool deck

Common Pool Equipment Repairs

Pool equipment repairs include everything from electric machinery to pumps and motors – everything that helps keep your pool clean. Here are the most common pool equipment repairs needed during summer overuse:

  • Pool plumbing. If you’re noticing an increase in your water bill and know that you aren’t watering your lawn and your kids aren’t taking hour-long showers, it might be a sign that you have a pool leak somewhere within your pool plumbing.
  • Pool replastering. Are you scraping your knees and feet against rough patches in your pool? Is the color of your pool walls becoming embarrassing? Well a lot of people start to feel that way after many years of pool use.
  • Water features. Water jet streams, fountains, bubblers, spas – all water features that can become worn down with so much use and may need repairs. It will become obvious when these need repairs as the water flow will be reduced or stopped completely.

Other than these common pool equipment repairs, you need to keep an eye on your pool filters and pool pump. Those two things are the heart of your pool cleanliness and they take the most beating keeping your pool clean. If you suspect that you need pool equipment repairs in Northwest Valley, AZ, then you need to call Pink Dolphin Pool Care.

Affordable Pool Repair Services

We have been helping people of Northwest Valley, AZ for several years with all their pool equipment repair needs. Pool equipment breaks. It’s just something that happens, and you need to find a trustworthy pool contractor to repair things.

Our qualified pool equipment repair experts are equipped with the knowledge to help you with any broken equipment you have. Not only can we help you with any repairs, we won’t break your bank. Our repair services are kept at a low price because we are a family owned company and understand the need for a pool in the Arizona blazing heat. Become part of the family and get your pool fixed today by calling us at 602-688-7465.

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