Pool Party Ideas to Take Advantage of your Sparkling Clean Pool

Pool Party Ideas to Take Advantage of your Sparkling Clean Pool

There’s nothing quite like a pool party to get the summer started off right. For kids or adults, pool parties are a wonderful way to socialize while escaping the heat. At Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we’re happy to help you get ready for your pool party to usher in the new season.

Pool Party Ideas to Take Advantage of your Sparkling Clean Pool

Outrageous Inflatables

The pool float market has stepped up its game over the last few years developing outrageous inflatables. Want to get into a gigantic flamingo with 10 of your closest friends? You can, spending the afternoon floating together.

Blow up an 8-foot pineapple and get a good start on your tan during your pool float. These rafts are more fun than ever and make for great party photos to post online later.

Fun and Games

Floating toys provide some above-the-water activity for kids and adults alike. Check out inflatable basketball hoops or floating volleyball nets to add a little more action to your swim. Some healthy competition can get people in the water and enjoying themselves at your pool party in no time.

Diving toys are a great way to get kids active in the pool. These come in many different styles, from flat metal “pirate” coins to heavy sand-filled toys that sink quickly to the bottom.

Not only are they a fun game to play with friends, but they’re also a subtle way to get kids more comfortable going underwater, holding their breath, and looking around. Whether they learn to use goggles correctly or simply get comfortable with opening their eyes underwater, the seeking aspect of diving toys is important.

Extending the time kids can stay underwater safely holding their breath and problem-solving during their toy hunt can translate to real, life-saving skills.

Boozy Swim

A poolside or floating bar is a trendy option for an adult-focused pool party. Floating bars can be purchased online or at pool suppliers. Some look like large, inflatable tiki bars while others are simple floating platforms with drink holders. Whichever you opt for, no doubt your guests will get a kick out of the raft-to-raft cocktail delivery.

Mix it up with a floating pong table to bring a challenge to your boozy swim. A little wager on a game of pong makes your midnight swim more fun.

Of course, always drink responsibly, especially around open water like the pool.

Outdoor Movie Screen

As technology gets smarter and smaller, it’s easier than ever to watch movies anywhere you want, even in the pool. Outdoor movie screens come like roll-up projection screens or large inflatables. Position one nearby your pool and spend the party watching something awesome—but maybe not The Shallows.

Light Show

Complement your evening pool party with a light show from your in-pool lighting system. When you install pool lights it’s not only safer to swim at night but more fun. Set them to a specific theme color or rotate them through a cycle of the rainbow. Add some ambiance to your party that you just won’t get with overhead lighting.

Got an idea for your pool party that would just make the day perfect? Work with Pink Dolphin Pool Care to execute your plan. We can also install new lighting or pool heaters to keep the fun going longer than before. Reach out at (602) 688-7465 to set up a cleaning or a consult for some new additions to your pool.

Pool Opening Time in Sun City

Time to Open Up That Pool and Make Sure Everything Is Working in Top Condition

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to make sure everything in your pool is in working order. When you work with Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we can run your pool through our checklist before summer kicks off so you can be certain it weathered the winter and is ready to go for another season of fun.

Pool Opening Time in Sun City
African Pool cleaner during his work. Cleaning robot for cleaning the botton of swimming pools. Automatic pool cleaners.

Check for Leaks and Water Level

It’s not unusual for your pool to lose water over the winter. Normal processes such as evaporation contribute to the lower level you see when you open your pool back up for the summer.

But leaks are another possible culprit for low water levels after the pool has been closed sometimes. If you open your pool up this spring and see the water level seriously depleted (more than a foot lower), it’s time to get the professionals out to investigate for leaks.

For aboveground pools, you may notice the wet ground around the bottom of the pool. Don’t skip on responding to a sign like this.

For in-ground pools or ones where you simply can’t spot a leak, Pink Dolphin Pool Care can help find them, such as a dye test. If we find the source of a leak, we can complete repairs before the season begins.

Check Electric for Lights, Heater, and Pump

With winter temperatures dropping in Arizona, freeze damage to exterior mechanics is not unheard of. Your electric wires may be the most vulnerable to moisture and temperature changes over the winter if not properly insulated. Checking that your pool lights, heater, pump, and more all have a safe and secure electrical supply is important.

Given that pools may need to be drained for repairs on lights, it’s important to spot problems with these sooner than later so as not to disrupt the summer fun.

Check Pump

Though pool pumps should have around a decade of life in them, it is possible for them to wear out unexpectedly. Especially after a winter of disuse, turning your pump on early and making sure that your water circulates properly is important.

If something is not running right with your pump, Pink Dolphin Pool Care offers extensive repair and replacement costs. Don’t wait to find out if your pump is in good shape and check it now before the season starts.

Begin Water Testing

Along with making sure your mechanicals are in working order, begin testing your water as soon as possible. If you need to balance or shock your pool, it’s better to get it out of the way well ahead of when you want to have a pool party.

Take some work off your plate with regularly scheduled pool maintenance from Pink Dolphin. This includes regular testing to restore your pool to safe swimming levels. Make sure it’s ready to go on the first weekend of summer when you call Pink Dolphin now.

Reach out to schedule maintenance and testing when you call (602) 688-7465 or fill out our form for text message scheduling. At Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we want to get your season started off on the right foot as soon as possible.

Put Your Sun City Pool on Autopilot this Year with Full-Service Pool Cleaning 

Put Your Sun City Pool on Autopilot this Year with Full-Service Pool Cleaning

Did you get a pool to work harder? Or did you get it to relax? If like most people, it’s the second one, then it’s time to consider putting your Sun City pool on autopilot this season because Pink Dolphin Full-Service Pool Cleaning has got you covered.

Sun City Full-Service Pool Cleaning 

What’s included in full-service? Pink Dolphin can handle all aspects of pool maintenance from opening the pool up to weekly cleanings. We can work around your schedule to maintain the pool and get it ready for the hours you are most likely to use it.


With everything that can get in your pool from debris to bugs to small animals, weekly cleanings are important. We spend time maintaining your pool with vacuums and skimming to prevent contamination and cloudy waters.

For the debris that ends up in skimmers and baskets, we empty these and make sure the mechanics are functioning as usual. When needed, we can backwash the pool as well.

Hardware stays neat and clean with regular brushing on the walls, steps, and liner surfaces. We also vacuum the pool to maintain water clarity and protect your liner from algae growth.

To keep your pool running at maximum capacity, filters need to be cleaned as well. We maintain your filters to keep them going steady.


We also treat your pool. Each week we test water chemistry to make sure they are in line with safe levels for swimming, sanitation, and equipment.

With regular chemical balancing and testing, you’ll know that your pool is safe for your family to get in and you can feel confident it’s been done correctly and on time with professional services.


Does it seem like your pump is running slower than usual this week? We can investigate and let you know if there is a problem that needs to be addressed further. By regularly having another set of eyes on your pool equipment during weekly cleanings, we can help make sure that issues are addressed before they become serious problems.

Benefits of Professional Care

The benefits of professional pool care are two-fold. The first is that you no longer have to worry about your pool. When maintenance and cleanings are simply scheduled, you’ll never have to think about pool care.

The second is that you know it’s done correctly and safely. You’re not an expert at getting the number right each time, and you don’t have to be. We bring the experience and knowledge to get the job done right every time. Plus, we keep a record of maintenance so nothing is ever skipped or forgotten.

Stop putting in all the hard work yourself. Pools are meant to be a source of kicking back, so let Pink Dolphin Pool Care handle the difficult stuff. We will professionally clean, treat, and maintain your Sun City pool on a schedule that works for you. Call 602-688-7465 today to put your pool on autopilot this season with full-service pool cleaning.

Sun City, AZ Swimming Pool Trends for 2021

Sun City, AZ Swimming Pool Trends for 2021

It’s not enough to just have a pool anymore. In 2021, swimming pool trends are all about bringing pools to the next, luxurious level.

Sun City, AZ Swimming Pool Trends for 2021


As with most industries, things advance to the point that you can have it any way you want it. This is true of pool design as well. Unique design elements in 2021 make it possible to give your pool the look you want.

Use clear, see-through acrylic walls to house your pool. This creates an amazing effect whether you are looking at the pool or swimming underwater. When placing an above ground pool in a narrow space, use one acrylic wall to make its space feel bigger.

Choose the colors of your tile as well. While you can almost never go wrong with the classic sky blue used in so many pools, don’t be afraid to mix it up. There are options with subtle, bright reds. Or get a marble look with white, gray, and brown swirls.

Mosaic edges around your pool lip are another space in which to express your unique take on this customizable trend. Whether you want something that looks like glass subway tiles or an artistic version of cresting waves, use this space to achieve it.

Fitness Pools

Not all pools are about recreation anymore. Many are using their pools as a fitness tool. In 2021, consider adding features that make your pool a fitness dream.

Choosing to install a lap pool is one great way to make this exercise-centric. If you don’t have the space for a lap pool, choose a pool model that generates a current to swim against.

You can also add fitness gear to your pool, such as underwater resistance bands anchored to the pool wall.


Everyone can have a pool now if they want with the evolution of small-space spools. Even if you have a strange or small area to place your swimming pool, spool technology makes it possible for you to achieve an outdoor oasis. Good for a quick dip or float if not lap swimming, small spools are gaining in popularity as people move to make the most out of their square footage.

Entertaining Options

As pools become more of a hang out space – especially with families spending more time at home – designs can be incorporated to make the pool more of luxurious space.

This may mean integrating more spots to sit or lay against in the pool. Adding a bar is also a great option if you are planning to host pool parties. On your ledges, build lounge spaces for yourself or guests to the sun.

Get Trendy with Pink Dolphin Pool Care

Embrace 2021 AZ swimming pool trends with Pink Dolphin Pool Care. Whether installing a new pool or upgrading an older one, there are great ways to make your space unique, up-to-date, and on-trend. Call today (602) 688-7465 to discuss your pool trend options.

End of Pool Season Chores in Peoria, AZ

End of Pool Season Chores in Peoria, AZ

The season really is coming to the end. There’s no putting off the end of pool season chores any longer, not when people are about to start singing Christmas carols.

End of Pool Season Chores to Consider in Peoria, AZ 

Here are the steps you need to consider to begin winterizing your Peoria, AZ, pool whether it is above ground or in-ground.

Above Ground Pool

Before covering your pool, it’s important to make sure it is as clean as possible. Give it a once over or call Pink Dolphin Pool Care out to clean it.

Check your pH like you usually would. Keep pH around 74.-76, alkalinity around 125 ppm, chlorine around 2 ppm, and calcium about 200 ppm. Add any winterizing chemicals as instructed by your pool company.

A sanitizing shock right before closing can slow unwanted growth in the water over the winter season. You can accompany this with an algaecide as well.

Store any parts that might freeze and burst during the winter. This includes any hoses that would still have water in them. Disconnect what you can and store out of the elements.

Cover your pool securely. There are clips and water bags made specifically to make sure your cover doesn’t fly away with winter storms.

In-Ground Pool

In-ground pools follow the same prep instructions as above ground pools. They should be cleaned. Water levels should be checked and adjusted to desired measurements.

Add algaecide to prevent algae from growing under your cover in the winter. Sanitize with a shock treatment.

Your pump should be cleaned and any lines emptied of water that might freeze and burst them. Special pool antifreeze can be added to protect them from the serious cold.

Secure a cover with clips or water bags to make certain it stays on. Use a safety gate as usual during the winter to keep children and pets from falling into the cold water.

Don’t Close It up at All

This last suggestion might not be what you were thinking, but consider this: using your pool all winter long. How would you like to get the benefits of using your swimming pool in the winter? From relaxation to fitness, it’s possible.

Talk to Pink Dolphin about installing a pool heater. Keeping your water warmer for longer makes it possible to get the absolute most out of your pool.

Questions or concerns about the end of season pool chores? Pink Dolphin pool care is here to help. Whatever you need to know, we can assist with. Get in touch today with questions or schedule our pool care team to come out and close up your pool for the winter. Call today at (603) 688-7465.

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