Basics of Pool Maintenance in Glendale AZ

Basics of Pool Maintenance in Glendale AZ

In the warm climes of Glendale, AZ, having a pool is like having a private oasis in your backyard. To ensure that the oasis is always ready for a refreshing dip, mastering the basics of pool maintenance is essential. It’s not just about keeping the water blue, but also making sure it’s healthy and safe for everyone to enjoy. Let’s walk through the simple steps to maintain your pool, and remember, there’s always a local expert ready to lend a hand when needed.

basics of pool maintenance

Regular Cleaning is a Must

Dirt and leaves don’t belong in your pool. Use a net to scoop them out often. Brush the walls and floor every week to keep algae away and vacuum your pool to catch any dirt that settles at the bottom.

Check the Chemistry

Your pool’s water needs the right balance of chemicals. Test it a couple of times a week. Keep an eye on the pH level; it should be just right – not too acidic or basic. Also, make sure there’s enough chlorine to keep the water clean but not so much that it irritates your skin or eyes.

Circulation is Key

Water that moves is happy water. Run your pool’s pump every day to keep the water moving and filter out the yucky stuff. This helps spread the chemicals evenly and stops the water from getting stale.

Filter Fitness

Your pool’s filter is like its kidney – it keeps things clean. You’ll need to clean the filter regularly to keep it working right. How often depends on what kind of filter you have, so check the manual or ask a pro.

Regular Check-ups

Just like you go to the doctor, your pool needs check-ups too. Have a professional look at your pool regularly. They’ll catch any little problems before they become big ones.

Opening and Closing Times

If your pool takes a break in the cooler months, opening and closing it right is important. When summer’s coming, you’ll need to clean it, fill it, and balance the chemicals. When it’s time to say goodbye for the winter, you’ll need to drain some water, protect the pipes, and cover it up to keep it safe.

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