Where to Place Your New Pool

Where to Place Your New Pool

Deciding where to place your new pool can be a fun part of the planning process. There are a few must-haves when it comes to location, and then some optional location perks. Consulting pool experts like those of us at Pink Dolphin can get you some experienced tips on picking out the best spot for your fantastic backyard (or maybe front yard!) addition.

Where to Place Your New Pool
A swimming pool spa and lanai in Florida.

Level Ground

For above-ground pools, level ground is a serious requirement. If the level ground does not exist and can be added to create a flat surface for the pool to rest on. Even a ground unevenness of a few inches can cause problems for the liner. The weight of unbalanced water on one side puts pressure on the seams of the liner and could potentially burst it. This would cause a large flood in your yard as several thousands of gallons of water rushed out at once.

For inground pools, it is preferable not to be at the bottom of a severe slope. Hills leading into the pool can direct run-off into the pool water. In heavy rains or when snows melt, this water can end up flowing into the pool or onto the liner, causing issues for pool maintenance.

Sunny Area

While picking a sunny area for a pool may be a given for outdoorsy folks, there is another benefit to choosing a sunny area. Passive solar heating can keep your water warmer without a heater. And if you do have a heater, take advantage of the free heat from the sun so you don’t have to run your heater as often.

Easily Fenced

Fencing your pool is often a matter of insurance and ordinance requirements. Unfenced pools can cause a dangerous hazard to children and animals, so many homeowner’s insurance policies require fencing of some sort around a pool. Choosing a location that can be easily and efficiently fenced is important.

Proximity to Electric

Depending on your pool’s pump set-up, choosing a location close to an existing electrical plug will be necessary. For safe, efficient usage pool pumps generally cannot be used with extension cords. Cords come in relatively short lengths so as to be efficient in the electricity they conduct. If you don’t plan on running a permanent electric connection underground to your pool, choose a spot you can safely reach a plug.

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Consider These Northwest Valley Pool Upgrades

Consider These Upgrades for Your Northwest Valley Pool

If this season you felt disappointed while taking the cover off your aging pool, it may be time to consider these pool upgrades for your Northwest Valley pool. Consider a few basic changes to reinvent your pool and make it feel like new again.

Consider These Northwest Valley Pool Upgrades

LED Pool Lights

Pool light installations make for more fun, safer swimming experience for the whole family. Making the pool more accessible at night, underwater LEDs make it possible to watch children swim even when it’s dark out.

With programmable colors and patterns, the lights can also be made into a fun light show, turning the pool into an engaging, enjoyable feature of the evening backyard.

Pool Heater

For those who want to enjoy their pool year-round, a heater installation may be the upgrade they are looking for. There are several types of heaters that can be installed, including a solar, heat pump/electric, and gas. This can keep your pool accessible at all times for a quick swim, therapeutic soaks, or swimming laps year-round.

It’s important to consult an expert on sizing your heater to make sure you are getting the most efficient heating, thus saving your wallet in the long run, while making your pool warm enough for the offseason.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Pools are great until you consider all the vacuuming, leaf removal, chemical treatments, and more that you, as the owner, are responsible for. Why not automate some of that away?

With an automatic pool cleaner, you can keep your pool fresh and clear without putting in the time and energy yourself. We recommend the Kreepy Krauly SandShark cleaner. It self-steers and can even get into the corners of squared-off pools. Simple to set up with just a hose attached, an automatic pool cleaner like the SandShark can save you hours this season better spent enjoying your pool.

Salt Systems

If you’re tired of using traditional chlorine and all the effects it may have on your swimsuits, skin, and the environment, swapping to a saltwater system may be the refreshing change you need.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care is experienced in installing the plumbing, control panel, and power supply for salt systems. After install, they can assist with any repairs needed for the system.

Ready to make some upgrades? We at Pink Dolphin Pool Care are happy to install and repair your pool upgrades this season. Give us a call today at (602) 688-7465 to make your pool new again.

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