Enlighten Your Neighborhood in Glendale, AZ with LED Pool Lights

Enlighten Your Neighborhood in Glendale, AZ with LED Pool Lights

If you’ve only been using your pool in the daylight hours, you’re missing out on half the fun your pool has to offer. But no one wants to swim in the darkness because who knows what could be lurking in the deep end. Enlighten your neighborhood in Glendale, AZ with LED pool lights! Adding a light-emitting diode, or LED, pool light can allow you to lighten up your pool in a fun, new way while also warding off water monsters.


Reasons to Get LED Pool Lights

If your pool needs new lights and you’re still on the fence about LED lights, here are a few reasons LED pool lights are your next great pool adventure:

●        Brighter lights. Have you noticed that your regular old pool lights are pretty dim and it seems like you’re still swimming in the dark? LED lights are brighter than normal pool lights and will let your pool fun continue well into the night.

●        Less energy and heat. LED lights have less wattage than normal pool lights which means they use a fraction of the power. The lower wattage also means the heat the lights generate is less and that, in turn, means the light will last longer and require less regular maintenance.

●        Color fun. Instead of just the boring yellow light of an incandescent pool bulb, LED pool lights come in a full rainbow of colors. Create the mood you want with different colored LED lights. For example, are you throwing a Fourth of July Party? Light that pool up red, white, and blue!

●        Durable. Like their energy efficiency, longevity is where LED pool lights really shine. Your regular incandescent pool light lasts, on average, for one year. An LED light producing the same amount, or more, of light and using less energy can last 15-20 years! If properly taken care of, of course.

If these benefits aren’t reason enough to switch over to LED pool lights, then call the pool experts at Pink Dolphin Pool Care for more information!

Illumination Achieved

An LED pool light, or three, maybe a small investment in the grand scheme of your pool maintenance, but with their versatility, durability, and efficiency, they offer a much larger return on a small investment than normal incandescent yellow pool lights. LEDs are a great choice for lighting up your pool and neighborhood in Glendale, AZ. They can help you save money and they add to your pool fun. Make the night part of your swim party by calling Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-7465 and get started choosing your LED pool lights!

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