What You Need to Know About Chlorine for Your Swimming Pool

What You Need to Know About Chlorine for Your Swimming Pool

Now that the Arizona summer heat is in full swing, your swimming pool has become your haven. You probably send as much time as you can in it and your kids spend even more. Summer is the best time for your family to have pool parties, barbeques, and graduation celebrations. This means that there are more people in your pool and you have to take extra precautions to keep it clean and one of the most important elements in this process is chlorine. Here’s what you need to know about chlorine for your swimming pool this summer:

What You Need to Know About Chlorine for Your Swimming Pool

Why is it Important?

Chlorine is essential to your pool’s functionality. Chlorine is a chemical that kills bacteria and algae. When you put chlorine in your pool, it works with other chemicals to keep the sides and bottom of your pool clean and free from any potentially harmful bacterias to either you or your family. Without the proper amount of chlorine, your pool will be unsafe for you to use.

How to Use Chlorine Safely

Since your pool water has such a high concentration of chlorine, it is not safe to drink your pool water. It is also not safe to touch chlorine with your bare hands when it is not in the water. Using gloves when adding chlorine to your pool is highly important to avoid any burns.

How Can Chlorine Affects You

Before being added to the water, chlorine can damage your skin as well as cause respiratory problems. Being in close proximity to chlorine while it is not in the pool can lead to breathing problems, burning of your skin and burning of your eyes. If you happen to ingest chlorine outside of the pool, it will burn your throat. The longer you are exposed to chlorine outside your pool, the more dangerous it becomes for you.

To avoid any harmful effects from chlorine and just enjoy your summer by the pool, let the professionals at Pink Dolphin Pool Care handle everything. We will keep your pool at the proper chlorine level and, whenever we need to add more, we know how to keep everyone safe. Call us today at (602) 688-7465.

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