What is a Salt Chlorine Generator and Why Do I Need One?

What is a Salt Chlorine Generator and Why Do I Need One?

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip in your sparkling pool on a hot summer day. But what if you forgot to buy chemicals, or you didn’t add chlorine last night like you had planned on? Your afternoon under the sun could be a bust. Instead of relying on yourself to manually measure, add and maintain your pool’s chlorine, you could install a salt chlorine generator and keep it automatic.

Salt Chlorine Generator – The Basics

A salt chlorine generator sanitizes your pool water automatically using standard table salt (less than what most humans can taste). Although the sanitary and safety affects are just like manually adding chlorine, the salt chlorine generator keeps you from having to buy multiple chemicals, handle and store the chemicals, manually add chemicals and constantly test the water. Although you may still need chemicals for periodic shocks, and testing the water regularly is important for safety, a salt chlorine generator greatly simplifies pool maintenance.

The benefits of a salt chlorine generator go beyond just time savings and ease!

  • Safety – Because you are not buying, handling and storing potentially dangerous chemicals, you don’t have to worry about chemical spills or adding too much chlorine. This makes the pool and surrounding area safer for your family.
  • Gentler on the Swimmer – The elimination of chlorine chemicals also means the elimination of smelling the chemicals or having your eyes get irritated by too few or too many chemicals. Plus, salt chlorinated water is not as drying as standard chlorine, so your skin and hair stay soft.
  • Swimsuit Savings – Chlorine can really damage swimsuit fabric along with the sun and heat. Salt chlorination does not have the same deteriorating effect on fabrics, so you don’t have to buy a new swimsuit every season unless you want to!
  • Inviting Water – Water chlorinated with a salt chlorine generator tends to look cleaner and clearer, making it that much more inviting to dive in and relax.

So How Does it Work?

The salt chlorine generator is installed as part of your pool’s return pump system. Standard table salt is added to the pool water, usually less than a teaspoon per gallon. When the salted water flows through the new generator, it is converted to pure chlorine through the process of electrolysis – an electrical current creates a chemical reaction. The chlorinated water then distributes through the pump and into your pool.

The salt water generator is the ultimate example of recycling. When the chlorine breaks down in the pool, it converts back to salt and continues the sanitization process. So you only need to add salt to account for splashing and regular use. Most generators are also equipped with salt monitors to simply let you know when it’s time to add more.


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