Tips for Water and Pool Safety in Sun City, AZ

Tips to Reduce Water and Pool Injuries in Sun City, AZ

Tips for Water and Pool Safety in Sun City, AZ

Living in Arizona means you may use your pool during the hot summer months or that you may enjoy the comfort of it during off-season. Though Sun City is referred to many as “The Original Fun City,” you may not be enjoying yourself so much if you are suffering from water related injuries. Fortunately, there are lots of solutions for you to continue having fun in the sun, safely, all year round and prevent possible poolside injuries.

Pool Safety

Even though pools should provide fun experiences, improper pool behavior can intensify the dangers of the pool. Pool safety is no joke– minor pool related injuries, like bruises from falling down pool steps, are just small consequences. Some consequences may be fatal.

In addition to ensuring your pool is receiving general maintenance and care, being kept free of dirty, green, and cloudy water, you can follow these pool safety tips to reduce water related injuries.

Pink Dolphin’s pool safety tips include:

  • Never swim alone. Though some retirement communities in Sun City, AZ may offer such amenities as a pool, it is important never to swim alone. Whether you are in a community pool or a personal one in your own backyard, bring a friend, and always let others know where you are. Don’t swim if there is not a lifeguard present.
  • Don’t run around the pool’s edge. You may be anxious to just sit back and relax at the pool, but your excitement may cause an injury that is less than exciting. Be safe by not rushing as you escape to the poolside.
  • Use handrails. Something as simple as a handrail may provide the support you need as you enter a pool– even if you think you don’t need it. Unnecessarily neglecting handrails can cause a water related injury that could have easily been prevented.
  • If your home or retirement community in Sun City, AZ does not offer handrails, consider contacting a pool professional about how they could create safer pool experiences.

Professional Pool Services in Sun City, AZ

At Pink Dolphin, we want all our customers to experience the joys of using a pool. In addition to handrail installations, we offer a variety of other pool services that can enhance your pool’s functions as well as keep it sparkling clean and safe to swim in. Pool fence installation is one of many services we offer. Give us a call at (602) 688-7465 today to see how we can help you enjoy your pool, safely!

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