Cleaning Your Pool with a Pop Up In-Floor System

Cleaning Your Pool with a Pop Up In-Floor System

If you’re the minimalist sort who thinks less is more when it comes to keeping your pool clean, you’ll love the idea of a pop-up in-floor cleaning system. These are self-contained cleaning systems installed directly into the floor of your pool. No more hauling equipment out and cluttering your pool shed with different vacuum pieces.

Cleaning your Pool with a Pop Up In-Floor System

Plus, you can benefit from better water circulation and less energy use with one of these automated pop-up systems. This self-cleaning system can keep your pool as neat—if not neater—as your average vacuum system.

The Cleaning Process with a Pop-Up In-Floor System

The cleaning process with a pop-up in-floor system is simple and fast. You are hardly part of it, which is the attraction most people feel towards these automated systems. A pop-up in-floor pool system consists of the pop-up cleaning heads, a drain system, and occasionally a separate pump. It uses water that has just gone through the pool filter. This recently cleaned water gets pushed back into the pool through the pop-up system and is used to steer debris.

The secondary pump uses the pop-up heads to push the water around on the bottom of the pool. Working in tandem, the pop-up heads push leaves, dirt, and other debris across the floor of the pool in stages until it reaches the drain section. The pop-up heads stay on for less than a minute at a time. They have internal mechanisms to change direction, covering a wider range of the pool. Once the debris gets to the drain it is sucked away, leaving a clean pool behind.

Install a Pop-Up In-Floor System with Pink Dolphin Pool Care

Ready to have a pool with a pop-up in-floor pool system? Work with Pink Dolphin Pool Care to plan your pop-up cleaner installation. Generally, these are part of a new pool installation, but ask about whether or not your current pool is a candidate for a pop-up system addition.

If you’re considering a new pool installation, know that pop-up in-floor systems work with multiple types of pools including concrete, fiberglass, and even vinyl pools. Budget up to $10,000 for a self-cleaning pop-up system.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care Cleaning Options

If you already use Pink Dolphin Pool Care to keep your pool clean, take it to the next level with a pop-up in-floor cleaning system. While we know you love to see our employees every week for pool cleaning, you can have an automated, efficient system installed that keeps your pool clean on your own schedule.

At Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we want to make the best possible pool set-up for you. From heaters, lights, covers, and even automated cleaning systems, we’ve got you covered on installation, maintenance, and repairs. As a full-service pool company, we’d love to help you plan your new pool and cover all the luxuries like a pop-up in-floor system. Reach out at (602) 688-7465 today to learn more about your pop-up in-floor cleaning options.

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