Cool Off in the Pool this Phoenix Summer

Cool Off in the Pool this Phoenix Summer

As temperatures soar in Phoenix, staying cool is a top priority for residents seeking relief from the heat. What better way to beat the heat than by taking a refreshing dip in a pool? Learn about all the benefits your pool has to offer, beyond staying cool, and how to get the most out of your pool by practicing proper pool maintenance.

kid Cooling Off in the Pool in Phoenix

Swimming Pool Benefits

Cooling off on a hot day isn’t the only benefit of having a pool. While this may be the most obvious perk, the benefits of having a swimming pool extend well beyond a refreshing dip in the cool water.

● Physical benefits: Swimming is great exercise and can also treat and prevent injuries.

● Mental benefits: Pools help you unwind after a long day, providing stress relief and relaxation.

● Visual appeal and home value: A well-maintained pool looks great and can add value to your home.

● Entertainment value: Pools are a great way to entertain friends and family, have fun, and make memories.

Who knew there were so many good reasons to have your own swimming pool?

Pool Care and Maintenance

You’ll get the most enjoyment out of your pool if you practice proper pool care and maintenance. It is essential to monitor the pool’s circulation, cleaning, and chemistry to keep your pool clean, safe, and in good working condition.

● Proper circulation ensures pool water is flowing through the filter and disperses chemicals throughout the pool. This helps to prevent algae from growing and keeps your water clean. You should run the pool’s pump 8-12 hours per day, backwash the filter when necessary, and regularly clean the skimmer and pump basket.

● Regularly cleaning the pool helps to keep the water clear and prevents clogs in the filtration and pump system. You should skim the water and brush pool walls and surfaces daily. It’s also important to vacuum debris on the pool floor once per week.

● Having balanced water chemistry keeps your pool safe and clean. You should test the pool water one to two times per week and adjust chemicals as necessary including:

● pH
● Alkalinity
● Chlorine
● Calcium hardness
● Pool shock

Professional Pool Care Services

If you own a pool in northwest Phoenix, hiring pool care professionals is a good solution for pool owners without the time, equipment, or experience to keep their pool in good condition. Or, if you simply prefer to spend your time enjoying the pool, rather than cleaning it, a professional pool care service, like Pink Dolphin, will take care of it for you.

Pink Dolphin offers full-service pool care from brushing and vacuuming the pool to inspecting equipment, adjusting water chemistry, and everything in between.

Pool care services can be scheduled as needed or on a weekly basis. We also provide additional services such as installing and repairing pool equipment, pool draining, pool inspections, and more.

Get the most out of your pool this summer! The experts at Pink Dolphin will keep your pool clean, safe, and in good condition so you can have fun and cool off in your pool this Phoenix summer! Give us a call at 602-688-7465.

2018 Pool Openings in Glendale and Greater Phoenix

2018 Pool Openings in Glendale and Greater Phoenix

With these increasing temperatures, you know summer is upon us and that means it’s time to break out the swim gear. But swimming and finding fun in the heat doesn’t happen without a pool. Your pool has probably been on lock-down for the winter and now it’s time for 2018 pool openings in Glendale and Greater Phoenix. Opening your pool for the 2018 summer takes some time, but the process can go quickly if you know what to do:

2018 Pool Openings in Glendale and Greater Phoenix

Drain and Clean Pool Cover

If you have a winter pool cover, it can catch a lot of debris and sometimes even water from moisture in the air. You’ll want to make sure to drain and clean it as much as possible before removing it from your pool. This will reduce the amount of debris that ends up in your pool and a clean cover will make for an easy pool closing later.

Raise and Reconnect

Your pool water will most likely have diminished over the winter, a lot of it evaporating into the air. You’ll want to supplement the water by using a garden hose to fill it back up to its normal level, which is usually around the middle of the skimmer opening. Next, you’ll want to reconnect all your pool equipment that had been disconnected in case of winter freezing. This equipment includes your pool pump, filter, heater, and any other items you disconnected. Once everything is reconnected, turn your system back on and begin the filtering process.

Test Pool Chemistry

After you’ve let the pool system circulate for a few hours, you’ll want to test your pool water for pH, Total Alkalinity, and Chlorine levels. If these chemicals aren’t at their proper levels, your pool water might not be safe to swim in. The ideal levels should be:

●        pH: 7.4 to 7.6

●        Total Alkalinity: 80 to 120 ppm

●        Chlorine: 2.0 to 4.0 ppm

If you want to make sure your 2018 pool opening in Glendale and Greater Phoenix goes off without a hitch, call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-7465. Our pool experts have years of experience opening pools up for the summer, making it safe and easy for you to have fun in the sun!


Tips for Preparing Your Pool for Sunny Days

Tips for Preparing Your Pool for Sunny Days

After hibernating for the winter, your pool is probably a green and debris-infested tub of not going to happen. If you didn’t plan on using your pool during the winter, you probably didn’t have any maintenance done for your pool and it’s been a couple weeks, months even, since you’ve last had your pool cleaned. Now that summer is well on its way, there is a lot that needs to be done before your pool is ready to reopen. It’s more than just filling it up with water and diving in. Here are a few tips for preparing your pool for sunny days:

Tips for Your Phoenix Pool for Sunny Days | Pink Dolphin Pool Care

Clean It Up

First and foremost, you need to get your pool clean. Start by skimming out all the debris that accumulated over months of not using your pool. Once all the junk has been removed, it’s time to put together the filtration system so you can apply the proper chemicals. If the water level has gotten low, fill it back up to the right level so the filtration system puts in the right amount of chemicals for the amount of water your pool is holding.

Balance Chemicals

When it comes time to add chemicals to your pool, there are a few things to check to make sure everything is balanced and safe:

  • pH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.4
  • Alkalinity levels should be between 80 and 120
  • Calcium hardness should be between 150 parts per minute and 250 ppm
  • Chlorine levels should be between 1 ppm and 3 ppm

Wait for Clear Water

Even though your chemical levels are balanced and there’s no longer any gunk in your pool, it’s not time to swim yet. You don’t want to dive in until the water is clear. You must clean your pool filter every day until the water is clear and the process can take about a week. Through all this waiting, you may need to add more chlorine to keep it at the right level and help the clearing process along.

Call a Professional

There are many people who get their pools ready for sunny days all by themselves, but it never hurts to call a professional and have them look at it. Here at Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we know how important your pool is to you during sunny days and we know exactly how to get it safely ready for you to use. Call us today at (602) 688-7465.

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