Dog Pool Party

Dog Pool Party

The pool is for everyone in the family and for many families, that means the dogs as well! Sharing pool fun with your furry friends is a bonus but keeping your swimming pool free from dog hair can be annoyingly difficult. We get it – our doggos can’t help that they shed and just like us, they enjoy cooling off in the pool. Pink Dolphin Pool Care serves clients throughout the Northwest Valley of Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and Sun City, AZ area and knows a thing or two about pool cleaning including pet hair!

dog pool party with his human

Let’s look at some of Pink Dolphin’s suggestions to minimize dog hair and keep up with maintenance so you can always have a clean and sparkling pool.

1. Maintain Proper Pool Filtration and Cleaning – Make sure that your pool’s filtration system stays in good working condition and cleans the pool regularly. Take time to backwash or clean the pool filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent clogging from dog hair and other debris. If you notice an issue, you may want to increase your pool company’s scheduled visits to stay on top of your pool maintenance and cleaning.

2. Regular Grooming – Regular routine grooming helps reduce the amount of shedding. Keeping your dog’s coat healthy includes regular brushing and haircuts and this reduces the number of loose hairs on your dog. Take a minute to brush your dog before swimming to get rid of any loose hairs.

3. Designate a Dog Area – If you do let your dogs into the pool, don’t allow them to dry off near the pool. As they dry off, dog hair may end up in the water. Find a spot away from your pool and dry them off there. Also, before swimming, you may want to rinse your dog off. Just like humans, it makes sense to rinse off before entering a pool to avoid adding our body oils and dirt to the pool. Instead, a doggie rinse-off can help remove loose hair or other debris prior to getting in the pool.

4. Skimmer Socks – Place a skimmer sock or pool skimmer net over your skimmer basket to catch any dog hair before it reaches the filtration system. These products are made to trap debris, are relatively inexpensive, and easily replaceable.

5. Skim and Vacuum – Do a quick skim or vacuum the pool after your dog swims in it to remove visible floating hair.

6. Invest in a Better Filter – Talk with your Pool Company about investing in a higher-end pool filter specifically designed for handling pet hair. Look for filters with fine mesh or cartridges that can capture particles as small as fine hairs.

7. Maintain proper water chemistry – Regularly check and maintain the pool’s water chemistry. Balanced water with appropriate levels of sanitizers and pH can help prevent hair from clumping together and floating in the pool.

8. Final thoughts – Consider offering your dog an alternative like their own wading pool or other water fun apparatus for dogs. This way they do not have to only use the pool for water fun.

Hopefully, these suggestions will keep your pool looking great and you can avoid swimming with dog hair! We want all our moms and dog dads to enjoy pool time with their fur babies.

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