Solar Pool Heating Benefits

Solar Pool Heating Benefits

Swimming is the perfect activity for the family to do together. Not only can swimming serve as a low-impact exercise option, it can also reduce stress in your family’s life. There have been studies that show the more you swim, the better and happier you feel. The only problem is that swimming is seen more as a summer-only activity, but that is not true. How do you keep your pool in use year-round and keep your family happy and healthy? Solar pool heaters. While there are a number of options out there for heating your pool which cost less to install, the solar pool heating benefits far outweigh the initial installation costs.

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Make a Difference with Solar Pool Heating

One of the main benefits to solar pool heating is the low energy. Most pool heaters require a lot of energy to get the pool heated to a comfortable degree. All that energy results in you having to pay an incredibly high energy bill. With solar pool heating, the energy costs remain low. Other solar pool heating benefits include:

  • Solar energy helps the environment. Solar pool heaters transfer the heat from the sun into your pool. Using a renewable energy source, such as solar heaters, to heat your pool helps reduce the smog created by the release of nitrogen dioxide when using electric heaters. With every installation of solar pool heaters, climate change is slowed down.
  • Higher return on investment. The installation costs of solar pool heaters can be pretty high, but that is really the only time you will be paying for it. Solar pool heaters have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years compared to an electric heaters 5-year life. Along with a much longer lifespan, solar pool heaters require very little maintenance once installed. The average monthly operating cost of an electric or gas pool heater is around $500. Solar pool heaters don’t have additional operating costs because the sun’s energy is free.
  • Energy efficient. Most pool heaters require that you buy a new pool pump to match with the heater. With solar pool heaters, they already go with your existing pool pump, which is the most energy efficient option. Your pump circulates the pool water to solar collectors where it is then heated by the sun before being circulated back out to the rest of your pool.

Cost Effective Solar Pool Heating Benefit

If you are someone who likes helping the planet while saving money at the same time, solar pool heating is the perfect option for you. The initial cost may make getting a solar pool heater seem not worth it, but it is a one-time cost and you get so much out of it. You don’t have to keep paying for monthly upkeep and your energy bill will be a lot less than if you had installed an electric or gas heater. You are saving more money by paying one large fee at the beginning and nothing for the next 15 to 20 years. Plus you’re also helping the planet, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

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