Advantages of a Salt System for Your Pool

Advantages of a Salt System for Your Pool

If you’re installing a new pool or need to upgrade your sanitizing system, it might be time to consider a salt system for your pool. Salt systems are becoming more mainstream due to the many advantages that having a saltwater system imparts.

Advantages of a Salt System for Your Pool

Salt systems for pool sanitizing work differently than systems you add ready-made chlorine to. Instead, salt systems use a chlorine generator and electrolysis to create chemical reactions in the water. By adding salt to the water and employing electrolysis, the generator creates two chemicals that sanitize the water. Though these clean the same way as adding chlorine to a pool, there can be fewer negative effects from its use.

A variety of salts can be added to the pool to use for sanitation. The best option is to get mined salt as it is unlikely to be contaminated with anything that could hurt the pool. Salt that comes from seawater is another option but is likely to contain some contaminants.

You can get seawater salt as evaporated salt, where the water was allowed to evaporate and leave the salt behind, or mechanically separated salt that was processed by machinery. Both are likely to have some contamination and should be used with careful attention to the quality of your pool’s surfaces.

Could it be time for you to swap to a salt system for your pool sanitizing? Check out these advantages below:


For the types of shoppers who prefer to pay more upfront and less over time, salt systems for pools are attractive. That’s because you spend a little more on a chlorine generator upfront but don’t have the cost of paying for chlorine all the time.

Less Chlorine Exposure

While chlorine is safe for people to swim in regularly, some find themselves looking for an alternative to chlorine exposures. They may have had poor experiences with unbalanced pools in the past and noticed the effects of chlorine on their swimsuits, hair, and skin.

Saltwater systems are chemically similar to chlorine systems—they’re both working with salt at the base level, after all—but will not have the same effect on fabrics or skin.

Better Feel

A more nebulous perk of the salt system for your pool is the reported “soft” feeling of saltwater. This texture is noticeable to those who swim in chlorine-filtered pools and often considered desirable.

Pink Dolphin Salt System Services

At Pink Dolphin, we are very familiar with salt system repairs and installation. If you’d like to put in a new system, we are happy to come out and design a good setup for the plumbing, control panel, power supply, and more. We’ll spend time walking you through the new system so you can feel confident running something that varies compared to the chlorine-based filtration you are likely familiar with.

Ready to try something new when it comes to sanitizing your pool? Save money and enjoy your water more when you swap to a salt system. Call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-7465 to ask about our salt system options and schedule a time for us to come look at your pool.

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