September is the Best Month to Enjoy Your Phoenix Area Pool

September is the Best Month to Enjoy Your Phoenix Area Pool

As summer comes to an end you may be feeling like you have to say goodbye to your pool for the season too. But did you know September is the best month to enjoy your Phoenix area pool? With a trusted pool care company like Pink Dolphin on your side, you have the resources to keep your summer fun going. From great weather to peaceful days, now is the time to get your best pool soaks in.

September is the Best Month to Enjoy Your Phoenix Area Pool

The Sun Is Warm

In September the sun begins to move from blistering hot to an enjoyable warmth. No one wants to be out under the peak of the summer sun in Arizona, but as the season starts to wane now is the time to enjoy the warmth without the burn.

Get out there to catch some late afternoon rays in your pool in this early fall weather and scoop up the best of the warm days this year without feeling like you are melting.

Excellent Exercise

And speaking of not melting, the pool continues to provide a cool way to exercise outside. If you’re tired of working out in stuffy indoor settings but you’re still looking to be out of the heat, the pool is the perfect place to get your game on.

Lap swim in the fresh air with the water to keep you cool. Ask Pink Dolphin Pool Care about accessories–like lane buoys–that can help transform your pool into an off-season exercise locale.

The Kids Are Back at School

There’s a lot of fun to be had during the summer when your children are home. Camping in the yard, s’mores on the patio, fireworks on the 4th of July. But there’s something to be said for the peace and quiet of school starting up…especially when it comes to your pool.

Enjoy relaxing afternoons on your pool float with no splashes from cannonballs and no “Hey Mom, watch this!” feats from the diving board. It’s just you, your raft, and the sun. At least until the school bus pulls up.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care Makes September Perfect for Pools

Make the most of your September pool time when you work with Pink Dolphin Pool Care to keep your pool in great shape even in the shoulder season. Whether you need routine cleaning each week or repairs from a summer of hard play, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is a year-round company ready to serve you this September. Don’t let these beautiful days go to waste when there is still pool time to be had.

In fact, you may love being in your pool so much headed into the off-season that you decide you want to heat it for the winter. Pink Dolphin can help you with that too. There’s nothing quite like being able to keep up your lap swimming year-round with a pool heater that makes it feel like summer in your pool even in February.

Reach out to discuss maintenance, repairs, and even improvements to your pool this September by calling (602) 688-7465.

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