Automate Your Pool Cleaning in Sun City, AZ

Automate Your Pool Cleaning in Sun City, AZ

Good pool maintenance is the key to a clean and healthy pool, but when you’re so busy with work, your kids, your friends, you’re strapped for time and the last thing you’re thinking about is cleaning your pool. If you think about it at all it’s the fleeting thought of how much time and work it’s going to take so you don’t spend long thinking about it before moving onto your next task.

Relaxing by the pool with a drink enjoying the automated pool cleaning service.

By the time you think about it again, weeks have gone by and your pool has completely changed colors and you can no longer see the bottom. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! Automate your pool cleaning in Sun City, AZ so you can enjoy your pool year-round without having to worry about cleaning it.

How to Automate Your Pool Cleaning

There are multiple ways to switch to automated pool cleaning:

  • Pool chemical monitor. Testing your pool water is essential for clean, clear, and perfectly balanced water. A pool chemical monitor helps watch the chemical levels of your pool and will send you an alert when there is a chemical imbalance, telling you how much of each chemical your pool needs.
  • Robotic pool cleaner. Not everyone enjoys the work it takes to scrub the walls and floor of the pool. So get an automatic pool cleaner that can do it for you!
  • Automatic leveler. With the Arizona summer right around the corner, the sun is already starting to heat things up and that means water from your pool is the first thing to go. Keeping the water at the proper level is important for water flow and keeping all the pool equipment working properly together in harmony. An automatic leveler will detect low levels of water and refill until the optimal level is met.

Continue automating your pool with these features:

  • Automatic timer for pool equipment
  • Chemical feeder
  • Electric solar cover reel
  • Automatic pool skimmer

How Pink Dolphin Pool Care Can Help

A few simple changes will give you automated pool cleaning, and give you back 90% of the time you used thinking about how and when to clean your pool. Whether you want your pool fully automated or you just want something to watch the chemical levels for you.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care can make it happen for you! Although pool cleaning can be automated, it’s important to remember that the automation equipment needs some maintenance every now and then to make sure it continues to run smoothly. We can help with that too! Call us today at (602) 688-7465 to start automating your pool cleaning in Sun City, AZ.

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