Variable Speed Pool Pump for Your Glendale, AZ Pool 

Consider a Variable Speed Pool Pump for Your Glendale, AZ Pool

So you’ve built your own desert oasis and can’t wait to dive in when the temperatures start rising. But wait – all that dirt on the bottom of the pool and debris floating on top can make even the most luxurious pool look like a swamp. You definitely need a pool pump to keep your summer sparkling.

Variable Speed Pool Pump for Your Glendale, AZ Pool

When choosing a pool pump, you have three main options: a single-speed pump, dual speed pump, or a variable speed pump. While single or dual-speed pumps have been the traditional cleaner of choice, variable speed pool pumps offer some big advantages that are hard to ignore.

Benefits to a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Why should you opt for a variable speed pool pump for your Glendale, AZ pool?

  1. Increased energy efficiency. A pool pump is a known household energy guzzler, second only to the air conditioner. Variable speed motors can use up to 70% less energy than a traditional single-speed motor. Most variable speed pumps use magnets to spin the rotor, improving the motor’s efficiency. In single-speed pumps, additional electricity is needed to power the induction-style motor.
  2. Lower operating costs. Reducing energy use is not only good for the environment, but it’s also good for your bank account. Lower energy use means lower energy bills. Plus, there are usually fewer pump repairs and filter repairs with a variable speed motor.
  3. Longer life. Because they are totally enclosed and cooled by a fan, variable-speed motors are more protected from environmental elements. Wind, dust, water (think summer Monsoon storms), and even pests can’t get in and damage the motor.
  4. Quiet operation. The enclosed motor and lack of vents keep the motor noise muffled, too. At low speeds, you can barely hear the motor running and even at high speeds, the noise reduction as compared to a single-speed motor is very noticeable.

Upgrading is Easy

Already have a single-speed motor on your pool pump? The good news is most of the original components and even the wiring can be transferred and used in a variable speed motor. The expert installers at Pink Dolphin can assess your current pump and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective products to upgrade you to a variable speed pool pump. Give us a call today at (602) 688-7465 and get ready to see your Glendale, AZ pool shine!

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