Pool Control At the Touch of a Button in Glendale, AZ

Pool Control At the Touch of a Button in Glendale, AZ

Having a pool in Glendale, AZ is a dream, especially during summer. The Arizona heat can reach insurmountable temperatures, making you want to stay indoors and never leave your home. However, when you have a pool, you can go outside knowing the heat won’t last long when you jump in the cooling water.

Pool Control At the Touch of a Button in Glendale, AZ

Having a pool is great, but it sometimes takes up a lot of your time having to go outside to turn on the pump and filter, and even the cleaner. That’s why pool control at the touch of a button in Glendale, AZ is perfect for you!

What is Pool Control with a Button?

Automatic controllers are an excellent feature to have with your Arizona pool. With automatic controllers, you can set timers to control the pool pump, filter, and cleaner, all with the touch of a button! These timers can be set up to turn on the pump and filter at certain times. Some controllers even have an interlocking system that will check to make sure your pump is working effectively and efficiently.

Features like this can help you avoid a plumbing meltdown and pump failure. Remote pool controllers allow you to turn on and off your pool features from any location. Some are even accessible from your phone so you can turn the hot tub jets on to get it ready before you even get home!

Professional Pool Control Installation

If you want the care of your pool to be as simple as touching a button, you need a pool automated control system installed and there’s no one better than Pink Dolphin Pool Care to take care of that for you! Our pool experts can not only install your pool control system, but we can also help you understand it and learn the ropes of the new system.

Having everything for your pool control at the touch of a button in Glendale, AZ will make your life so much better. You’ll worry less and you’ll spend less time going outside and rooting around the overgrown bushes to get to your pool system. Make life simple today by calling us at (602) 688-7465.

Think Ahead for Spring with Pool Pump Repairs & Upgrades

Think Ahead for Spring with Pool Pump Repairs & Upgrades

Now that winter is well underway and will soon be coming to a close, spring is right around the corner and you know what that means! Your Arizona pool will soon be opening up and ready for heavy use. During the winter, you most likely didn’t use your pool all that often which means you haven’t been keeping up with regular maintenance like you do during the spring and summer.

Without that regular maintenance, dust and debris can build up on your pool equipment, especially the pool pump, and that can cause some unforeseen damages. Think ahead for spring with pool pump repairs and upgrades by contacting Pink Dolphin Pool Care.

Think Ahead for Spring with Pool Pump Repairs & Upgrades

Pool Pump Role and Problems

Your pool pump has the most crucial role in your entire pool system. It pulls water from your pool, sends it through a filter, and pushes clean water back into your pool. The sole purpose of your pool pump is to clean the pool water and make it safe for you and your family to swim in. This is an important process and sometimes certain situations can prevent the pool pump from working properly. These situations can include:

●        Low pool water levels

●        The pump-o ring is damaged or missing entirely

●        The skimmer basket and drain are clogged with debris

●        Pool pump lid is cracked

●        The pool pump needs to be upgraded

If you want to think ahead for spring and get pool pump repairs and upgrades, contact Pink Dolphin Pool care today for an inspection.

Pool Pump Repairs and Upgrades

If you don’t know if your pool pump needs repairs or an upgrade, but you want to make sure everything is in good working conditions, call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today. We can come to your home and do an inspection on your pool pump before you open up your pool for the spring. If you know your pool pump needs repairs or an upgrade, it’s best to let us handle the problem because fixing repairs or installing an upgrade can be a difficult process that you want to be sure is done properly.

By letting us repair or upgrade your pool pump, you will experience a cleaner and safer pool, a fast and efficient repair or upgrade procedure, and you won’t be wasting your time and energy. For kind, professional pool pump repairs and upgrades, call our pool pump experts today at (602) 688-7465.


Save Money and Energy with Pentair Pool Pumps

Save Money and Energy with Pentair Pool Pumps

Do you like swimming in your pool a majority of the year? Do you like keeping your pool clean to swim in? Do you like saving money and energy? If you answered yes to all these questions, then save money and energy with Pentair Pool Pumps. Pentair, a pool parts manufacturing company, has recently released a newly designed variable speed pump that is exclusive to pool professionals and not on the market for the general public. This new pump is far more advanced and more reliable than other pool pumps and there are many reasons to upgrade, mainly energy and money savings.

Save Energy

The new Pentair pool pump is designed with the smartest pump technology available. It combines speed and flow control while adjusting the flow of pool water throughout the cycle. This combination minimizes the energy used to clean your pool. The increased energy savings is about 90% better than conventional single- or two-speed pumps. The dual technology of the pump maintains the desired flow rate, no matter what condition your pool is in. Plus, this new pump helps the rest of your pool equipment, such as filters and waterfalls, to function exactly as they were meant to. When all the parts of your pool work together in harmony without any problems, your energy savings go through the roof.

Save Money

Since standard pool pumps use more energy to run properly, they cost you more. Switching to variable pool pumps from Pentair cuts your energy use, thus increasing your money saved. Pentair variable speed pool pumps cut energy use up to 90%, which can generally save you around $1,500 annually in utility costs. Not only will you save a tremendous amount of energy by upgrading to the new Pentair pool pumps, but you will also save money. Since the upgraded pool pumps by Pentair work better and are more efficient, it will also cut your pool maintenance costs.

If you want to save money and energy with Pentair Pool Pumps, call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-7465.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care Q&A

Pink Dolphin Pool Care Q&A

When you’re hiring a professional pool cleaning service, there are a lot of questions on your mind. You want to make sure you are getting the best service for what you are paying. You also want to know that your pool is being properly taken care of. To help you decide whether or not you should hire us, here is a little Pink Dolphin Pool Care Q&A for our frequently asked questions:

1.       What is included in your full-service pool cleaning?

With our full-service pool cleaning, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We conduct weekly cleanings that include: testing the water chemistry; adjusting pool chemicals and shocking the pool if necessary; backwash pool filter; empty pool skimmer and pump baskets; brush pool walls, steps and seats; vacuum pool as needed; and skim leaves and debris off the top.

2.       Is there a less expensive option than your full-service pool cleaning?

Yes. If you want a more inexpensive option and are the type of person who likes to be outside and do some of your own pool cleaning, we offer two other pool cleaning services: Chemical Pool Plus Cleaning Service where we do everything the full-service cleaning offers minus the vacuuming and skimming; and our Chemical Only Pool Service where all we do is balance the pool chemicals.

3.       What’s your most popular cleaning service?

Our full-service cleaning option is the most popular. Since Arizona summers can be extremely hot, many of our clients don’t like working up a sweat to clean their pool. They just want to relax in an already taken care of pool. We don’t mind the hot work.

4.       Will my pool be serviced on the same day every week?

Yes. We schedule our technicians to come out to clean your pool on a consistent basis. This makes sure that your pool remains clean and safe for you to swim in regularly. If there is ever a schedule change due to holiday or an emergency, we will communicate that with you right away.

5.       Do you conduct pool repairs?

Yes. We are not just a pool cleaning service. We know everything about pools and the way they run. Our pool repair experts can handle any repair you need to be done, no matter how big or how small.

For more information contact us today at (602) 688-7465.

What You Receive from a Professional Pool Cleaning Service in Glendale AZ

What You Receive from a Professional Pool Cleaning Service in Glendale AZ

Pool maintenance can be a tough job to do yourself if you aren’t a DIY person. If you are, that’s great! Most homeowners aren’t that inclined to do it themselves when it comes to pool care, but they’ll do it anyway because they believe it cuts down on spending rather than hiring a professional pool cleaning service. While there are routine costs involved, what you receive from a professional pool cleaning service in Glendale AZ makes up for it. Plus, having regular maintenance done by knowledgeable professionals reduces chances of future expensive repair needs.

What You Receive from a Professional Pool Service in Glendale AZ

What You Get from Professional Pool Cleaning Services

The main thing you receive from a professional pool cleaning service in Glendale AZ is a consistently clean pool. With the summer almost upon us, your pool is going to be used a lot and having it regularly serviced will benefit you and your family. Along with the clean pool, you have peace of mind knowing that someone will be out regularly to check your pool and make sure everything is working properly. If a problem arises, you know it will be caught quickly before it has the chance to get worse and cost you more.,

Custom Pool Cleaning Service in Glendale AZ

Here at Pink Dolphin Pool Care, you get to choose what you want. We offer three different pool cleaning services: full-service pool cleaning, chemical plus cleaning, and a chemical only cleaning service. You get to decide the level of pool care you want us to do. If you like doing a little cleaning yourself, the chemical plus service is for you. If you like doing a lot of the cleaning yourself, the chemical only service is your choice.

If you absolutely don’t want to do anything, our full-service pool cleaning is the perfect option. Whatever you want out of a professional pool cleaning service, Pink Dolphin Pool Care gives that to you. You call all the shots, we make sure you get what you pay for, and your pool stays clean. Call us today at (602) 688-7465 for a customized pool cleaning service in Glendale AZ.

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