What’s Involved in ‘Balancing Pool Water’?

What’s Involved in ‘Balancing Pool Water’?

Each season when the cover comes off, balancing pool water is a must before it is safe to swim in. This involves checking the pH level of your pool, as well as its alkalinity and hardness.

Balancing Pool Water

How to Measure Balance

To maintain proper balance, pool water should be tested weekly. Kits are available from pool stores and department stores that test for pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and more.

Typically these kits come with two tubes next to each other with scales of numbers on either side. Often, one side is yellow and one is red. The test supplies will turn pool watercolors in the tubes. These can then be matched to the scale to measure water balance.

Other kits look like a test strip that turns colors. You then compare the colors on the test strip to a chart to detect water balance.

What Needs to Be in Balance?

It is important to understand what you’re looking for when you are measuring to balance the water in your pool. This will give you the big picture of what goes into keeping your pool safe and healthy to swim in.

Monitoring levels of chlorine is an important element of balancing the water in your pool. There must be enough chlorine present to sanitize the water. However, if it is too much, it could be unsafe to swim in. Measurements should be between 1.0 and 4.0 ppm.

To assist with chlorine, a stabilizer of cyanuric acid can be added. Without a stabilizer, sunlight can break down chlorine too quickly. This should test in a range of 30 to 100 ppm.

There is a limit to the amount of alkalinity is safe in a pool. An ideal alkalinity measurement is around 100 ppm, ranging from 80 to 120 ppm. Substances such as sodium bisulfate or increasers can be added to adjust this number.

Measurements for pH should range in the 7’s, which is neither high nor low pH. Having the correct pH affects how chlorine functions in the water. A level that is too high or too low could make the water dangerous.

Likewise, calcium hardness can do damage to the pool itself or make the water cloudy. Keeping calcium in balance means aiming for measurement of 200 to 400 ppm.

Pool Care

But why spend your time doing the balancing and calculating the amounts when you can just make it part of your regular pool maintenance. Pink Dolphin Pool Care offers Chemical Plus Cleaning Service and Full Service Pool Cleaning to keep your water balanced.

If you’re ready to pass off pool maintenance like balancing your pool water, get in touch with Pink Dolphin Pool Care at (602) 688-7465 today to learn more about Phoenix pool care.

Lights and Pool Fountains

Dress Up Your Sun City Pool Area with Lights and Pool Fountains

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a staycation in Sun City is to have an outdoor space that takes you away from it all. Dressing up your pool and patio or deck is a great way to make a special space for you and your family this summer.

Lights and Pool Fountains

Light It Up

In the heat of the summer, even getting in the pool under the noonday sun may not feel refreshing. Night swimming is a great alternative—if you have the right lights. Pool lights can be a great addition for safety and fun. Not only can you see your fellow swimmers and keep an eye on the kids, but different colored lights can make for a party-like atmosphere. Lights can be installed or floating, adding to the ambiance.

Maintenance of the lights can be troublesome, but we at Pink Dolphin Pool Care are here to help. From electrical repair to bulb replacement, our services cover your pool light’s needs. We can replace fixtures and install new ones.

For those looking for an automated color-changing system, Intellibrite has what you’re looking for. This pool light system has seven pre-programmed light routines. The innovative system provides color throughout the pool. Intellibrite is eco-friendly and cost-efficient, with installations beginning at $995.

Fountains and Fun

Pool fountains can be a simple, inexpensive DIY addition to your pool. Many are made to float in the pool itself while the return line of the pool feeds the water in. They can make for amazing displays, jetting water six or seven feet into the air.

Some pool fountains come with up-lighting, turning the fountain into purple, green or red displays. The sound of the flowing water and the light show can add to your peaceful pool deck or patio. Kids swimming with the fountains will no doubt have a blast dodging the spray.

With a simple, elegant display and some fun lighting, your pool can go from a boring swimming hole to the type of sophisticated backyard everyone wants to attend the barbecue in.

Whether installing, upkeeping or repairing your lights and fountains, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is ready for the job. If you are ready to take your pool area up a level, get in touch with your ideas. We can create your vision for this summer’s lazy pool days. Give us a call at (602) 688-7465 today.

Pool Control At the Touch of a Button in Glendale, AZ

Pool Control At the Touch of a Button in Glendale, AZ

Having a pool in Glendale, AZ is a dream, especially during summer. The Arizona heat can reach insurmountable temperatures, making you want to stay indoors and never leave your home. However, when you have a pool, you can go outside knowing the heat won’t last long when you jump in the cooling water.

Pool Control At the Touch of a Button in Glendale, AZ

Having a pool is great, but it sometimes takes up a lot of your time having to go outside to turn on the pump and filter, and even the cleaner. That’s why pool control at the touch of a button in Glendale, AZ is perfect for you!

What is Pool Control with a Button?

Automatic controllers are an excellent feature to have with your Arizona pool. With automatic controllers, you can set timers to control the pool pump, filter, and cleaner, all with the touch of a button! These timers can be set up to turn on the pump and filter at certain times. Some controllers even have an interlocking system that will check to make sure your pump is working effectively and efficiently.

Features like this can help you avoid a plumbing meltdown and pump failure. Remote pool controllers allow you to turn on and off your pool features from any location. Some are even accessible from your phone so you can turn the hot tub jets on to get it ready before you even get home!

Professional Pool Control Installation

If you want the care of your pool to be as simple as touching a button, you need a pool automated control system installed and there’s no one better than Pink Dolphin Pool Care to take care of that for you! Our pool experts can not only install your pool control system, but we can also help you understand it and learn the ropes of the new system.

Having everything for your pool control at the touch of a button in Glendale, AZ will make your life so much better. You’ll worry less and you’ll spend less time going outside and rooting around the overgrown bushes to get to your pool system. Make life simple today by calling us at (602) 688-7465.

Think Ahead for Spring with Pool Pump Repairs & Upgrades

Think Ahead for Spring with Pool Pump Repairs & Upgrades

Now that winter is well underway and will soon be coming to a close, spring is right around the corner and you know what that means! Your Arizona pool will soon be opening up and ready for heavy use. During the winter, you most likely didn’t use your pool all that often which means you haven’t been keeping up with regular maintenance like you do during the spring and summer.

Without that regular maintenance, dust and debris can build up on your pool equipment, especially the pool pump, and that can cause some unforeseen damages. Think ahead for spring with pool pump repairs and upgrades by contacting Pink Dolphin Pool Care.

Think Ahead for Spring with Pool Pump Repairs & Upgrades

Pool Pump Role and Problems

Your pool pump has the most crucial role in your entire pool system. It pulls water from your pool, sends it through a filter, and pushes clean water back into your pool. The sole purpose of your pool pump is to clean the pool water and make it safe for you and your family to swim in. This is an important process and sometimes certain situations can prevent the pool pump from working properly. These situations can include:

●        Low pool water levels

●        The pump-o ring is damaged or missing entirely

●        The skimmer basket and drain are clogged with debris

●        Pool pump lid is cracked

●        The pool pump needs to be upgraded

If you want to think ahead for spring and get pool pump repairs and upgrades, contact Pink Dolphin Pool care today for an inspection.

Pool Pump Repairs and Upgrades

If you don’t know if your pool pump needs repairs or an upgrade, but you want to make sure everything is in good working conditions, call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today. We can come to your home and do an inspection on your pool pump before you open up your pool for the spring. If you know your pool pump needs repairs or an upgrade, it’s best to let us handle the problem because fixing repairs or installing an upgrade can be a difficult process that you want to be sure is done properly.

By letting us repair or upgrade your pool pump, you will experience a cleaner and safer pool, a fast and efficient repair or upgrade procedure, and you won’t be wasting your time and energy. For kind, professional pool pump repairs and upgrades, call our pool pump experts today at (602) 688-7465.


Save Money and Energy with Pentair Pool Pumps

Save Money and Energy with Pentair Pool Pumps

Do you like swimming in your pool a majority of the year? Do you like keeping your pool clean to swim in? Do you like saving money and energy? If you answered yes to all these questions, then save money and energy with Pentair Pool Pumps. Pentair, a pool parts manufacturing company, has recently released a newly designed variable speed pump that is exclusive to pool professionals and not on the market for the general public. This new pump is far more advanced and more reliable than other pool pumps and there are many reasons to upgrade, mainly energy and money savings.

Save Energy

The new Pentair pool pump is designed with the smartest pump technology available. It combines speed and flow control while adjusting the flow of pool water throughout the cycle. This combination minimizes the energy used to clean your pool. The increased energy savings is about 90% better than conventional single- or two-speed pumps. The dual technology of the pump maintains the desired flow rate, no matter what condition your pool is in. Plus, this new pump helps the rest of your pool equipment, such as filters and waterfalls, to function exactly as they were meant to. When all the parts of your pool work together in harmony without any problems, your energy savings go through the roof.

Save Money

Since standard pool pumps use more energy to run properly, they cost you more. Switching to variable pool pumps from Pentair cuts your energy use, thus increasing your money saved. Pentair variable speed pool pumps cut energy use up to 90%, which can generally save you around $1,500 annually in utility costs. Not only will you save a tremendous amount of energy by upgrading to the new Pentair pool pumps, but you will also save money. Since the upgraded pool pumps by Pentair work better and are more efficient, it will also cut your pool maintenance costs.

If you want to save money and energy with Pentair Pool Pumps, call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-7465.

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