Signs your Pool Filter Needs Attention

Signs your Pool Filter Needs Attention

Summer is synonymous with swimming pool and with the Arizona heat reaching well above 100 degrees, your pool is in constant use. Summer time means barbeques and pool parties, or maybe just a lazy day cooling off in the pool. Whatever your summer plans are, time by the pool is always included. However, your pool time can be short-lived if your pool filter fails. Know the signs your pool filter needs attention and don’t lose time by the pool.

Signs your Pool Filter Needs Attention

5 Pool Filter Signs to Look For

There is no hard and fast rule that says your pool filter should last a certain amount of time. The main sign that your pool filter needs attention is debris coming back into your pool, but there are many more signs to look for. Looking for these 5 signs will let you know if your pool filters are in need of replacement:

●        Broken bands. If your pool filter cartridges have broken bands, your filter needs replacing. These bands keep the pleats of the filter from flattening under the water pressure from your pool.

●        Frayed fabric. The fabric used in making filter cartridges is generally polyester media which wears out over time from repeated stress from the chemicals and particles that the pool pump forces through it. Because of this stress, over time the material will begin to have a hairy appearance. In severe cases, holes will develop in the fabric, allowing debris back into your pool.

●        Flattening pleats. Over time, the polyester material will diminish and flatten. Just like when the fabric frays, flattened pleats allows debris back into your pool.

●        Cracked endcaps. Filter endcaps can become weak and brittle over time from the constant pressure and chemical exposure from your pool. Usually the fabric of the filter will give out long before cracks appear in the endcaps, but if you do see signs of cracking, it is definitely time for a replacement.

●        No flow change. When your pressure gauge reads 10 12 psi above the recorded psi at the time of a new filter installation, it’s time to clean your filter. This high psi means that the dirt and oils from the pool water have been embedded into the filter, causing the filter to be ineffective at keeping your pool clean.

Pool Filter Changes

Getting new pool filters installed is an easy job when you call Pink Dolphin Pool Care. As a family-owned business who loves our own swimming pools, we know the necessity of having a properly functioning pool filter. Without a good pool filter, your pool will become dirty and cut short your fun in the sun. Avoid this and give us a call today at (602) 688-7465.

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