Pool Opening Time in Sun City

Time to Open Up That Pool and Make Sure Everything Is Working in Top Condition

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to make sure everything in your pool is in working order. When you work with Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we can run your pool through our checklist before summer kicks off so you can be certain it weathered the winter and is ready to go for another season of fun.

Pool Opening Time in Sun City
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Check for Leaks and Water Level

It’s not unusual for your pool to lose water over the winter. Normal processes such as evaporation contribute to the lower level you see when you open your pool back up for the summer.

But leaks are another possible culprit for low water levels after the pool has been closed sometimes. If you open your pool up this spring and see the water level seriously depleted (more than a foot lower), it’s time to get the professionals out to investigate for leaks.

For aboveground pools, you may notice the wet ground around the bottom of the pool. Don’t skip on responding to a sign like this.

For in-ground pools or ones where you simply can’t spot a leak, Pink Dolphin Pool Care can help find them, such as a dye test. If we find the source of a leak, we can complete repairs before the season begins.

Check Electric for Lights, Heater, and Pump

With winter temperatures dropping in Arizona, freeze damage to exterior mechanics is not unheard of. Your electric wires may be the most vulnerable to moisture and temperature changes over the winter if not properly insulated. Checking that your pool lights, heater, pump, and more all have a safe and secure electrical supply is important.

Given that pools may need to be drained for repairs on lights, it’s important to spot problems with these sooner than later so as not to disrupt the summer fun.

Check Pump

Though pool pumps should have around a decade of life in them, it is possible for them to wear out unexpectedly. Especially after a winter of disuse, turning your pump on early and making sure that your water circulates properly is important.

If something is not running right with your pump, Pink Dolphin Pool Care offers extensive repair and replacement costs. Don’t wait to find out if your pump is in good shape and check it now before the season starts.

Begin Water Testing

Along with making sure your mechanicals are in working order, begin testing your water as soon as possible. If you need to balance or shock your pool, it’s better to get it out of the way well ahead of when you want to have a pool party.

Take some work off your plate with regularly scheduled pool maintenance from Pink Dolphin. This includes regular testing to restore your pool to safe swimming levels. Make sure it’s ready to go on the first weekend of summer when you call Pink Dolphin now.

Reach out to schedule maintenance and testing when you call (602) 688-7465 or fill out our form for text message scheduling. At Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we want to get your season started off on the right foot as soon as possible.

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