Signs your Phoenix Pool Needs a Filter Replacement

Signs your Phoenix Pool Needs a Filter Replacement

Even though the Phoenix temperatures are starting to drop, and winter is just around the corner, your pool is probably still in full use. All the summer use of your pool has put strain on all your pool equipment and sometimes that strain means parts break and need replacing.

One important piece of pool equipment that is often overlooked is your pool filter. Your pool filter helps to filter out dirt and debris from your pool. If it gets damaged, your pool water can fill with debris and not be safe to swim in. Don’t let this happen to you! Know the signs your Phoenix pool needs a filter replacement.

Signs your Phoenix pool needs a filter replacement

Signs of Filter Damage

If your pool filter is broken, it can lead to bigger and more costly repairs. Watch out for these signs your Phoenix pool needs a filter replacement and avoid further damage:

●        Water pressure. If you’re noticing an increase in your PSI (per square inch) pressure reading, it is a sign that your filter is under strain. This strain can be due to blockage or faulty equipment.

●        Water flow.  Debris can build up and clog your pool filter. This restricts the rate at which water can pass through the filter and this will reduce the flow of clean water into your pool.

●        Water clarity. The biggest sign that your Phoenix pool needs a filter replacement is cloudy water. This can indicate that the filter is dirty and unable to catch more dirt and debris from flowing into your pool.

●        Physical filter appearance. If you can look at your pool filter and notice cracked end caps, flattening of the pleats, and tattered or ripped fabric of the filter, then your pool filter is definitely in need of replacement.

Noticing these signs doesn’t mean that you should panic. All you need to do is call the pool filter experts at Pink Dolphin Pool Care!

Expert Pool Filter Replacement

As a family owned and operated company, we understand the need of having a properly functioning pool filter. When you call us, we will come out to your home and inspect your pool filter to see what the problem might be. Once we figure out the problem, we will create a replacement plan to get your pool filter back up and running properly. Then your pool is ready for you to finish out the rest of your summer with a cannonball! To get your Phoenix pool filter replaced, call us today at (602) 688-7465.

Phoenix Pool Service

Phoenix Pool Service

Summers in Phoenix are brutal. We can reach temperatures as high as 115 degrees. No one wants to go through a summer in those temperatures without a pool. Having a properly functioning pool in Arizona is a must for the summer. Not only are pools the perfect way to keep cool, but they are the perfect gathering places for you, your family, and your friends.

Phoenix Pool Service

When you think of summer, you think of lazy days by the pool and grilling out with some close friends. If your pool isn’t clean and your pool equipment isn’t working well, it can really put a damper on your summer fun. Having regular Phoenix pool service is the best way to make sure your pool is summer-ready!

What is Pool Service?

There are different levels of Phoenix pool service and which one you need all depends on how often you plan to use your pool. You can have weekly pool service, bi-weekly service, or once a month pool service. No matter how often you get your pool serviced, each visit from Pink Dolphin Pool Care will consist of:

●        Deep Cleaning. This includes skimming the water, scrubbing the walls and steps, and cleaning debris off your deck that can get into your pool.

●        Filter Cleaning. Your pool filter gathers a lot of debris that gets pushed into your pool. It should be regularly cleaned out because a clogged filter can cause costly repairs in the future.

●        Equipment check. All of your pool equipment will be checked for any signs of damage such as leaks, broken seals, and worn parts. When one piece of equipment fails, it can disrupt the entire flow, which can make your pool dirty and unsafe to swim in.

●        Chemical check. No pool service is complete without checking the chemical levels of your pool. Properly balanced chemicals will help keep your pool cleaner longer.

Phoenix pool service from Pink Dolphin Pool Care goes the extra mile to make every pool service appointment quick and painless!

Efficient Phoenix Pool Service

No one likes taking the time to clean their pool. You just want to put on your bathing suit and jump in! When you call Pink Dolphin Pool Care, you can do just that! Leave all the work to us. We have been offering Phoenix pool service for several years and know how to quickly, and efficiently, care for your pool. We try not to take up too much of your time so that you can get back to your summer fun in the sun. Give us a call today at (602) 688-7465 to schedule your regular Phoenix pool service!

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