End of Pool Season Chores in Peoria, AZ

End of Pool Season Chores in Peoria, AZ

The season really is coming to the end. There’s no putting off the end of pool season chores any longer, not when people are about to start singing Christmas carols.

End of Pool Season Chores to Consider in Peoria, AZ 

Here are the steps you need to consider to begin winterizing your Peoria, AZ, pool whether it is above ground or in-ground.

Above Ground Pool

Before covering your pool, it’s important to make sure it is as clean as possible. Give it a once over or call Pink Dolphin Pool Care out to clean it.

Check your pH like you usually would. Keep pH around 74.-76, alkalinity around 125 ppm, chlorine around 2 ppm, and calcium about 200 ppm. Add any winterizing chemicals as instructed by your pool company.

A sanitizing shock right before closing can slow unwanted growth in the water over the winter season. You can accompany this with an algaecide as well.

Store any parts that might freeze and burst during the winter. This includes any hoses that would still have water in them. Disconnect what you can and store out of the elements.

Cover your pool securely. There are clips and water bags made specifically to make sure your cover doesn’t fly away with winter storms.

In-Ground Pool

In-ground pools follow the same prep instructions as above ground pools. They should be cleaned. Water levels should be checked and adjusted to desired measurements.

Add algaecide to prevent algae from growing under your cover in the winter. Sanitize with a shock treatment.

Your pump should be cleaned and any lines emptied of water that might freeze and burst them. Special pool antifreeze can be added to protect them from the serious cold.

Secure a cover with clips or water bags to make certain it stays on. Use a safety gate as usual during the winter to keep children and pets from falling into the cold water.

Don’t Close It up at All

This last suggestion might not be what you were thinking, but consider this: using your pool all winter long. How would you like to get the benefits of using your swimming pool in the winter? From relaxation to fitness, it’s possible.

Talk to Pink Dolphin about installing a pool heater. Keeping your water warmer for longer makes it possible to get the absolute most out of your pool.

Questions or concerns about the end of season pool chores? Pink Dolphin pool care is here to help. Whatever you need to know, we can assist with. Get in touch today with questions or schedule our pool care team to come out and close up your pool for the winter. Call today at (603) 688-7465.

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