Pre-season pool maintenance and repairs.

Don’t Wait Until it’s Hot, Plan Your Pre-Season Pool Maintenance and Repairs Now!

Winters can be rough on a pool. Cold weather, algae overgrowth and structural issues can leave you with a chore list come opening weekend. Many, especially new pool owners, may not realize there is work to do after pulling off the cover for summer.

Pre-season pool maintenance and repairs.

Dive Right In

Good winter maintenance starts at the end of the summer. Do yourself the favor of having cleaned out last summer’s floating toys and covering the pool securely.

Leaving items in the pool can make cleaning complicated, especially if anything happens to degrade in the water over the winter.

If you live somewhere that gets warm enough in the fall and spring, remember that standing water can be the perfect breeding area for bugs. Cover and treat as necessary.

Some pools need to be emptied. Recommendations state that cloudy or hazy water caused by total dissolved solids (TDS) is a sign that new water is needed. This likely happens every few years, and therefore can be a rotating part of your offseason pool maintenance. Services like us at Pink Dolphin Pool Care can make sure your draining happens safely, on time and lawfully.

Got You Covered

Once routine water maintenance has been established, secure covering is the next important step.

Some covers are only designed to keep out leaves and debris. Others are safety covers, designed to keep anyone from falling in. Before covering, make sure to thoroughly clean your pool.

Different types of covers are:

  • Light-filtering mesh
  • Solid covers
  • Security covers
  • Automatic covers

Depending on your needs (just keeping leaves out versus protecting young children from falling in), your cost may be as low as $85 on basic covers up to $15,000 for automated cover systems.

Winter Conditions

Making sure pool covers are ready for high winds, rains and snows is essential. Covers should be secure so as not to be blown away. The weight of snow must be considered and cleaned away in a timely manner.

The trouble with water in winter is that it freezes. Any parts that may have water in them should be emptied to avoid freezing and bursting. Look at your pool pump and consider the tubes and compartments that make it up. They all need to be dry before temperatures drop.

Pools are great, but the maintenance they require can sometimes be overwhelming. Particularly in the winter when the benefit of using the pool can’t offset the effort it takes to care for it, you may feel frustrated with the upkeep.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care wants your Norwest Valley pool to stay in working order. We can help you prep it for winter and get it up and running in the spring. With an affordable variety of services, we are ready to make pool season the best one yet. Call us at (602) 688-PINK to ask about our services today.

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