Winter Pool Fun

Winter Pool Fun

While many pool owners throughout the country must close and winterize their pools for the winter, Phoenix pool owners have the luxury of being able to enjoy their pool year-round, even in the winter. For maximum winter pool fun, consider these pool heating and maintenance tips.

swimming pool heating and maintenance

Heating Your Pool for Winter

While winter temperatures in Phoenix are mild, you’ll get the most enjoyment out of your pool in the winter by heating the water. Comfortable water temperature is key to pool fun.  There are many varieties of heating elements, but here are some of the most popular.

Electric Heat Pump: This pump heats the pool by passing the water through hot compressed air. It does take longer to heat up compared to gas pumps, but they are low maintenance and eco-friendly. Heat pumps are best for areas with temperatures above 45 degrees.

Gas Heater: Using either natural gas or propane, gas heaters warm pool water quickly and can be used at lower temperatures. A gas line or gas tank is required for the fuel, and gas heaters do have higher operation and maintenance costs than electric heaters.

Solar Blanket: These covers use the sun’s energy to keep the pool warm and can raise water temperatures by 10-15 degrees. They are ideal for sunny areas where the temperatures don’t drop too low. This option is affordable and eco-friendly, but pool owners have less control.

Regardless of the heating method you choose, heating your pool for the winter extends the swimming season so you can get more use out of your investment and have more fun. Decorate the pool area for the holidays and host a winter pool party.

If you choose not to heat your pool for the winter, you can still have fun. Consider hosting a “polar plunge” party. Challenge your friends to jump in the cold water and enjoy a warm fire and hot chocolate afterward.

Winter Pool Care

Pool maintenance is easy to forget about in the winter months because you tend to use the pool less. However, it is still important. Clean the pool and filter and check the heater and pool equipment regularly. It’s also important to stick to your regular water testing and chemical balancing schedule. Making sure your pool is clean and chemically balanced ensures that you, your family and guests can enjoy winter pool fun.

Winter pool care and maintenance are especially important if you’re using a pool heater because poor water conditions can damage the equipment. Damaged pool heaters can be expensive to repair.

Phoenix Pool Care Services

Pink Dolphin Pool Care provides year-round pool cleaning and maintenance services to our friends and neighbors in Phoenix’s Northwest Valley including those in Glendale, Peoria, and Sun City, Arizona.

Our pool care professionals can install new pool heaters or repair broken heaters so you can keep enjoying your pool during the winter months. Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your pool in top condition. If you don’t intend to use your pool this winter, hire professional pool closing to ensure your pool is properly winterized.

For reliable and affordable pool care services, contact the pros at Pink Dolphin by calling (602) 688-7465.

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