Understanding Pool Chemicals for Your Phoenix Home Pool

Understanding Pool Chemicals for Your Phoenix Home Pool

When it comes to your pool, you may not know the chemicals that actually go into it to keep it clean and safe for you and your family to swim in. You probably just trust that whatever you’re putting in your pool is right because it has a label that reads “pool chemicals.” Not all products are actually good for your pool and understanding pool chemicals for your Phoenix home pool can help you make better decisions when buying those products.

Understanding Pool Chemicals for Your Phoenix Home Pool

Pool Chemistry – Water Balance

The two basic elements that make up your pool chemistry is water balance and sanitation. You have probably heard your pool water balance referred to as a pH balance. The pH scale determines the acidity of the chemicals in your pool. You want your pool’s pH balance to be between 7.4 and 7.6 which is just above neutral on the pH scale. If your pH level is low, your pool water is acidic. If it’s high, your pool water is basic. To keep your pH balance in check, your pool needs the chemical Alkalinity.

Alkalinity keeps the pH from drastically moving up or down by absorbing any changes to the water. Calcium hardness is another important chemical to add to your pool water. While it doesn’t affect the balance of the water, it’s still important. If your water doesn’t have calcium hardness, it will look for it in other places like your pool’s plaster which can cause damage. The addition of calcium hardness will protect your pool’s walls and keep the equipment running longer.

Pool Chemistry – Sanitation

While there are many options for pool sanitizers (i.e. Bromine, Biguanide, etc.) Chlorine is the most common. Being the most cost effective, chlorine is an excellent agent for killing bacteria and algae. There are three ways in which you can add chlorine into your pool: chlorine tablets, chlorine granular or powdered chlorine, and salt chlorine generator. Chlorine tablets are the most common because they are easily distributed by a floating chlorine dispenser or in the skimmer baskets.

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