What is a Pool Water Leveler and How Can I Tell if it’s Working Properly?

What is a Pool Water Leveler and How Can I Tell if it’s Working Properly?

Have you ever noticed the water level in your pool going down over time? There’s no need to worry because a gradual loss of pool water is a common and universal occurrence. With all the jumping and splashing around, water is bound to be removed.

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In the past, pool owners had to monitor water levels themselves to ensure that all the pool equipment continued to work properly. Luckily for you, pool technology has advanced and has provided a much easier and efficient way of monitoring the pool water levels: a pool water leveler. But what is a pool water leveler and how can you tell if it’s working properly?

What is a Pool Water Leveler

Automatic pool water levelers were designed to automatically adjust the water level of your swimming pool. Many pool leveler systems connect to a garden hose or they come with their own control box and solenoid valve. The leveler system has a floating mechanism that floats around your pool monitoring the water levels. Once the leveler detects that the water levels are getting too low for optimal usage, water is automatically added to your pool until it reaches a safe level again.

This automatic detection means there’s no need for you to constantly check your pool for water loss. You’ll know your pool water leveler is working properly if your water levels stay consistently the same. If you start noticing that the water levels go down and remain down, then your pool water leveler may have an issue that needs to be repaired by your pool service company.

Advantages of a Pool Water Leveler

There are many advantages to a pool water leveler:

  • Conserves power. Since the water levels are automatically controlled, less water and power is used to regulate the water supply
  • Saves money. Conserving power means saving money. Pool water levelers also keep wasted water and power at a minimum.
  • Saves time. Probably one of the biggest selling points, pool water levelers saves you time because you don’t have to go out and check your pool every day and refill it yourself.

To learn more about pool water levelers and to find the right one for your pool, call the Glendale, Arizona pool service experts at Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-7465.

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