End of Season Pool Preparation

End of Season Pool Preparation

Pool owners in the Phoenix area have the luxury of a long swimming season. Nevertheless, even in the Valley of the Sun, it is a good idea to start making end of season pool preparations.  This will be closing the pool or winterizing it. Thankfully you won’t have snow to deal with, but you may need to make some concessions to cooler temperatures or the need to close your pool for a period of time.

Phoenix swimming pool closing and winterizing

Discuss the need to take steps to winterize or close your pool with your pool care professional. For those unfamiliar with the steps or those wanting to avoid the time and effort required, call a pool care expert like Pink Dolphin Pool Care to ensure your pool is properly prepared for the off-season.

Pool Closing Steps

If you will be away for an extended period of time, you may need to take steps to close your pool for its proper maintenance and protection. Even though you won’t be using your pool for a few months, there are quite a lot of steps necessary to prepare your pool for closing.

1. Clear the pool of debris and pool scum: Skim, brush, and vacuum the pool to prevent the growth of bacteria and prevent clogging. Don’t forget to clean the skimmer basket!

2. Test and balance pool water: Test the water to make sure it’s balanced before closing. If it is not, add treatments to properly adjust the pH to 7.2 – 7.6.

3. Add chlorine shock: About a week before putting the cover on the pool. Kills bacteria, prevents algae and keeps the water clean.

4. Add algaecide: Add the treatment about 5-7 days after shocking the pool to keep your pool water from turning green over the winter.

5. Clean and backwash the filter and pump: For a removable filter, take it out and clean it thoroughly. For a sand filter, backwash it to clean and discourage algae growth.

6. Clear the pool’s pump lines: Blow all the water out of your pool’s plumbing lines. Most pool owners bring in professional maintenance services for this task since it requires a shop vac or other device to clear the water from the lines.

7. Remove pool accessories and cover: Accessories, like ladders, can prevent the cover from fitting properly. Install a well-fitting pool cover to keep the water clean and clear.

These preparations ensure your pool stays in good condition and is easy to re-open when you return.

Benefits of Winterizing Your Pool

Not all Phoenix pool owners close their pools in the winter. However, closing, or winterizing, your pool will help to save time, effort, and money during the season you won’t really be using it.

● Easier maintenance.

● Protect and extend the life of pool equipment (especially if the area experiences freezing temperatures).

● Save money on electricity costs.

● Get a break from regular pool maintenance.

● Keep debris out and keep the water clean

If you are hesitant about closing your pool because of the steps involved or don’t want to carry out all the work yourself, call a pool care expert to help with end-of-season preparations and properly close your pool.

Pink Dolphin Pool Care is a family-owned and operated business serving Phoenix’s West Valley. We offer affordable and dependable pool care services including pool closing, maintaining pool condition in winter, inspection, and repairs among other services. Our pool care experts are here to help! Call Pink Dolphin today at (602) 688-7465 to schedule your end-of-season pool services.

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