How Much Can I Expect a Glendale, AZ Pool Leak Repair to Cost?

How Much Can I Expect a Glendale, AZ Pool Leak Repair to Cost?

No matter how your swimming pool was built or what materials were used to build it, it will be vulnerable to different leaks at some point in it’s life. If you’re noticing a lower pool water level than normal, don’t start panicking and start searching for leaks. Many times, water loss is due to splashing around.

However, when you do have a leak, there are various methods to repairing the leak, which means cost can vary. How much can you expect a Glendale, AZ pool leak repair to cost? Well that depends on what kind of repair you need.

Glendale AZ pool leak repairs

Types of Pool Leak Repairs

Pools come in two different types: above-ground and in-ground. Routine Maintenance is pretty similar for both types, each pool type will have its own specifics when it comes to repairs.

  • In-Ground Pools:
    • Vinyl liner repairs. Many in-ground pools are lined with a thin coating of vinyl which is affordable and offers a smooth touch. Tears in the vinyl usually cost around $200 for professional repair, but major damage to the vinyl can cost substantially more around $1,700.
    • Fiberglass liner repairs. Another popular lining option for in-ground pools, but unlike vinyl linings, fiberglass linings are much stronger and require fewer minor repairs over time. Any cracks that need to be addressed means the entire pool needs to be emptied so the fiberglass can be resurfaced. This will usually cost around $300 including all the labor that is involved.
    • Concrete repairs. Concrete pools are the most common type of in-ground pools and repairs to concrete pools are usually for cracks and hollow spots. Cracks usually cost about $65 per linear foot to repair, while hollow spots can cost from $700 to $1,000 for a basic 150 sq foot pool.
  • Above Ground Pools:
    • Pool liner. The biggest problem with above ground pools are leaks in the liner. If it’s a small tear in the liner, you can repair it yourself with a patch kit that usually costs between $10 – $20. If it’s a bigger tear and needs a professional repair, it can cost, on average, $300.
    • Collapsing walls. The other problem you can have with above ground pools is collapsing walls. To fix collapsing walls can cost upwards of $1,300 depending on how severe the collapse is.

Professional Glendale AZ Pool Leak Repairs

Swimming pools in Glendale, AZ are a fun and relaxing addition to your home. If you have leaks in your pool, you should contact Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-7465. The sooner you contact us, the easier the Glendale AZ pool leak repairs will be. Don’t wait for the leak to get worse and your cost for repair to increase. Get it fixed now at a lower price!

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