Spring Cleaning Means Pool Cleaning Too

Spring Cleaning Means Pool Cleaning Too

It’s springtime and everyone is in the mood to clean! If you’re planning a big spring clean for the inside of your home, why not schedule a pool clean up too? Regular maintenance and cleaning are important for keeping your pool running smoothly, but sometimes these things fall by the wayside. If your pool has been sitting stagnant for months, it’s definitely time to call in the professionals for a cleanup!

Spring Cleaning Means Pool Cleanups Too

Why is it Important to Keep Your Pool Clean?

A very important part of being a pool owner is making sure your pool stays clean. Dirty pool water can cause many health hazards, including severe skin and eye irritation. A buildup of debris can also damage your pool filter.

Keeping your pool clean and well maintained will not only prevent bacterial growth and unnecessary repairs but also prolong the life of the pool itself!

Cleanups for Stagnant Pools

One of the biggest challenges in pool care is cleaning a pool that has been sitting for months or even years! Leaving a pool unattended for this long will create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitos. Stagnant water may also cause structural damage to the pool’s surface over time.

When cleaning out a stagnant pool, there are really only two options: drain the pool or try to recover the water. Draining may be an easier way to clean your pool, but it doesn’t work for every pool surface. Gunite pools can easily be drained safely, while a vinyl pool liner may crack or shrink if it’s old.

Alternatively, you can try to recover the pool water, which can be pretty tricky. This is often a long and tedious process that needs to be done correctly. When in doubt, a professional cleaning will ensure that your pool water is safe enough to swim in.

Regular Pool Maintenance

The best way to avoid a major cleanup is to keep your pool on a regular cleaning/maintenance schedule. It’s generally recommended to have your pool cleaned once a week, to keep the water safe and free of debris.

During a full-service pool cleaning, your pool will be brushed, vacuumed, and cleared of floating debris (such as insects and leaves). Pool chemicals will also be tested and adjusted as necessary. Pool skimmers will be emptied, and filters may be backwash as needed. You will also receive a pool service slip detailing what services were provided.

Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean with Pink Dolphin

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is a great way to keep your pool looking great and running smoothly all year long! However, if your pool has been sitting for a few months, you may need to schedule a more heavy-duty cleaning service.

At Pink Dolphin, we are proud to offer reliable weekly cleaning services at an affordable rate as well as special pool cleanups. Leave all the work to us and simply enjoy the benefits of a sparkling clean pool all year long!

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