Put Your Sun City Pool on Autopilot this Year with Full-Service Pool Cleaning 

Put Your Sun City Pool on Autopilot this Year with Full-Service Pool Cleaning

Did you get a pool to work harder? Or did you get it to relax? If like most people, it’s the second one, then it’s time to consider putting your Sun City pool on autopilot this season because Pink Dolphin Full-Service Pool Cleaning has got you covered.

Sun City Full-Service Pool Cleaning 

What’s included in full-service? Pink Dolphin can handle all aspects of pool maintenance from opening the pool up to weekly cleanings. We can work around your schedule to maintain the pool and get it ready for the hours you are most likely to use it.


With everything that can get in your pool from debris to bugs to small animals, weekly cleanings are important. We spend time maintaining your pool with vacuums and skimming to prevent contamination and cloudy waters.

For the debris that ends up in skimmers and baskets, we empty these and make sure the mechanics are functioning as usual. When needed, we can backwash the pool as well.

Hardware stays neat and clean with regular brushing on the walls, steps, and liner surfaces. We also vacuum the pool to maintain water clarity and protect your liner from algae growth.

To keep your pool running at maximum capacity, filters need to be cleaned as well. We maintain your filters to keep them going steady.


We also treat your pool. Each week we test water chemistry to make sure they are in line with safe levels for swimming, sanitation, and equipment.

With regular chemical balancing and testing, you’ll know that your pool is safe for your family to get in and you can feel confident it’s been done correctly and on time with professional services.


Does it seem like your pump is running slower than usual this week? We can investigate and let you know if there is a problem that needs to be addressed further. By regularly having another set of eyes on your pool equipment during weekly cleanings, we can help make sure that issues are addressed before they become serious problems.

Benefits of Professional Care

The benefits of professional pool care are two-fold. The first is that you no longer have to worry about your pool. When maintenance and cleanings are simply scheduled, you’ll never have to think about pool care.

The second is that you know it’s done correctly and safely. You’re not an expert at getting the number right each time, and you don’t have to be. We bring the experience and knowledge to get the job done right every time. Plus, we keep a record of maintenance so nothing is ever skipped or forgotten.

Stop putting in all the hard work yourself. Pools are meant to be a source of kicking back, so let Pink Dolphin Pool Care handle the difficult stuff. We will professionally clean, treat, and maintain your Sun City pool on a schedule that works for you. Call 602-688-7465 today to put your pool on autopilot this season with full-service pool cleaning.

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