Pros and Cons of Dogs in Your Phoenix Pool

Pros and Cons of Dogs in Your Phoenix Pool

Summer is here and that means your pool is being used a lot, but your human family members aren’t the only ones who want in on the cooling down. If you have dogs, you know that they want to get right on in there with you and swim around or simply lay on the steps to cool down. But is it really the best idea to have your dogs in the pool? Here are some pros and cons of dogs in your Phoenix pool to be aware of:

Pros and Cons of Dogs in Your Phoenix Pool

Swimming is Good for Your Dogs

Just like for humans, swimming is a great, low-impact total body workout. Swimming in the pool is easy on the limbs and joints of your dog which is great for young and aging dogs alike. While many dogs love being in the pool because it is a fun way to cool off and spend time with you, it is also the perfect spot for rehabilitation for dogs recovering from any type of procedure.

Chlorine and Dogs

One of the biggest concerns dog owners have is whether or not it is safe for your dog to swim around in chlorine and other pool chemicals. Just like their human owners, chlorine can slightly irritate your dog’s eyes and nose, but a couple hours in the pool here and there is harmless. After a nice swim, it is a good idea to hose your dog down because, like humans, the chlorine can dry out their fur and skin.

Dogs Drinking Pool Water

It is inevitable that your dog will drink the pool water. You can’t really train your dog not to drink the water when all they see is a giant water dish ready for their parched tongues. There isn’t a lot of information that tells us if dogs get sick from drinking pool water, but if you find that your dog starts developing stomach issues after drinking from the pool you can try lowering the chemicals in your pool and limiting their swim time.

Dog Hair in the Pool

Do not be discouraged from letting your pup into the pool because you think their hair will break your pool’s cleaning system. Their hair and other things such as nails will not break your cleaning system. Yes your pool’s filtration system will have to work harder and you may have to do some extra skimming after your dog is out, but there is no need to worry about having your pool break. The only downside is you having to put in a little extra work, but it’s all worth it when you see how happy your dog is swimming around in the pool.

Dog Ear Infections

The last item on pros and cons list of dogs in your Phoenix pool is ear infections. Allowing your dog in your Phoenix pool increases their chances of getting an ear infection. No matter how well-maintained your pool is, there is still bacteria floating around which can get lodged in your dog’s sensitive ears. To avoid this problem, simply be sure to thoroughly dry your dog’s ears once you get out of the pool.

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