Pop Up In-Floor Systems

Pop Up In-Floor Systems for Glendale Pools

When you look at your pool, you expect it to be clean. No one likes looking at a dirty pool! What’s worse than looking at a filthy pool is cleaning a filthy pool. Once that water turns from crystal clear to murky brown, the labor in cleaning the pool skyrockets. That’s why there are automatic pool cleaning systems. The most common automatic cleaning system that everyone is familiar with is the big clunky robot that swims around the bottom and up the walls of the pool. Many people don’t like the look of the cleaner just sitting at the bottom of the pool. Plus, it can be the cause of children’s fears – the monster at the bottom of the pool. But we look past all that because it keeps the pool clean. If you want to keep your pool clean and hate the look of the big, automatic cleaner, Pink Dolphin Pool Care can install pop up in-floor systems to cleanse your pool.

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Advantages of Pop Up In-Floor Systems

Much like the giant pool robot, the purpose of the pop-up in-floor system is to clean your pool. These in-floor devices pop up when it’s cleaning time. They all rise in sequence and spray the debris toward the deep end of the pool where it is collected and sucked out through drains and skimmers. The pop up in-floor systems are perfect if you don’t like the look of having a cleaner in your pool. There are no hoses taking up space in your pool and they are practically invisible, but they still get the job done. Although many people don’t know about the in-floor systems, these pop-up cleaners have been around since the 1960’s.

Our experts here at Pink Dolphin Pool care have the knowledge of these cleaners and the expertise to easily install them in your pool. If you’re done with the clunky pool cleaner and all the attached hoses, and are ready for a virtually invisible cleaner, call us today at 602-688-7465.

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