Pool Party Ideas to Take Advantage of your Sparkling Clean Pool

Pool Party Ideas to Take Advantage of your Sparkling Clean Pool

There’s nothing quite like a pool party to get the summer started off right. For kids or adults, pool parties are a wonderful way to socialize while escaping the heat. At Pink Dolphin Pool Care, we’re happy to help you get ready for your pool party to usher in the new season.

Pool Party Ideas to Take Advantage of your Sparkling Clean Pool

Outrageous Inflatables

The pool float market has stepped up its game over the last few years developing outrageous inflatables. Want to get into a gigantic flamingo with 10 of your closest friends? You can, spending the afternoon floating together.

Blow up an 8-foot pineapple and get a good start on your tan during your pool float. These rafts are more fun than ever and make for great party photos to post online later.

Fun and Games

Floating toys provide some above-the-water activity for kids and adults alike. Check out inflatable basketball hoops or floating volleyball nets to add a little more action to your swim. Some healthy competition can get people in the water and enjoying themselves at your pool party in no time.

Diving toys are a great way to get kids active in the pool. These come in many different styles, from flat metal “pirate” coins to heavy sand-filled toys that sink quickly to the bottom.

Not only are they a fun game to play with friends, but they’re also a subtle way to get kids more comfortable going underwater, holding their breath, and looking around. Whether they learn to use goggles correctly or simply get comfortable with opening their eyes underwater, the seeking aspect of diving toys is important.

Extending the time kids can stay underwater safely holding their breath and problem-solving during their toy hunt can translate to real, life-saving skills.

Boozy Swim

A poolside or floating bar is a trendy option for an adult-focused pool party. Floating bars can be purchased online or at pool suppliers. Some look like large, inflatable tiki bars while others are simple floating platforms with drink holders. Whichever you opt for, no doubt your guests will get a kick out of the raft-to-raft cocktail delivery.

Mix it up with a floating pong table to bring a challenge to your boozy swim. A little wager on a game of pong makes your midnight swim more fun.

Of course, always drink responsibly, especially around open water like the pool.

Outdoor Movie Screen

As technology gets smarter and smaller, it’s easier than ever to watch movies anywhere you want, even in the pool. Outdoor movie screens come like roll-up projection screens or large inflatables. Position one nearby your pool and spend the party watching something awesome—but maybe not The Shallows.

Light Show

Complement your evening pool party with a light show from your in-pool lighting system. When you install pool lights it’s not only safer to swim at night but more fun. Set them to a specific theme color or rotate them through a cycle of the rainbow. Add some ambiance to your party that you just won’t get with overhead lighting.

Got an idea for your pool party that would just make the day perfect? Work with Pink Dolphin Pool Care to execute your plan. We can also install new lighting or pool heaters to keep the fun going longer than before. Reach out at (602) 688-7465 to set up a cleaning or a consult for some new additions to your pool.

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